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What's your favourite fruit?


Summon for hire
I've had lychees in thin syrup from a buffet (which is still pretty good) and in various other things, but never just a whole lychee off the shelf. Do you just crack 'em open and eat 'em or what?
Yeah. Eating a lychee is easier than eating an orange, the outside comes off very easily. Same goes for rambutan.

Anyone who hasn't tried either should give them a shot!


Summon for hire
I just picked up some candied whole tamarind from an Asian grocery and they're pretty great! I was momentarily taken aback because I didn't realize they contained large seeds (though it makes sense; they're basically a big pod thing), but once you know they're there, they're easy enough to eat around and spit out like you would a watermelon seed.


You had me with "they taste like mango". I need to try one, like, as soon as possible. Mangos are so great.

My answer is basically unchanged, but I haven't tried anything since then.

Also, people spit out watermelon seeds? I just eat them, never found them annoying in any way.


Plastic Vampire
I hate eating any fruit for which I have take something out of my mouth during the eating process.

Johnny Unusual

Like... when it is green and super starchy? I find that pretty difficult to eat. I need bananas in the not-too-hard-not-too-soft zone. I will reluctantly eat too soft but I feel sad about it.


Lapsed Threadcromancer
Yup. And Im not talking cooking bananas or anything else. I'm talking the Cavendish. I can eat them when they're yellow but I prefer them when they're green with maybe only the beginning tinge of yellow. Not soft at all.
I thought for sure I put an answer here already. Oh well!

My favorite fruit is probably the noble lemon. Mostly because I love the taste of citrus so much, and so many good things are made with it. I will add lemon juice to literally anything and it usually improves that thing. Fish? Chicken? Salads? Sauces? Rice? Corn? Soup? I could go on forever.

If we're just talking about eating fruits raw though, that's a different story. Since nobody just eats a lemon raw. (Lemon slices as a kid isn't exactly raw, and most ppl I see eating lemon wedges add a bunch of salt to them.)

I have to give it to either apples, or blackberries. Apples are good comfort food, especially when they're cold and sliced up. They pair well with my French style lunches I make for myself on the regular. Japanese pears are better, but also way more expensive so I don't get them as often. Blackberries though are a delight to forage and just eat as snacks though, but they're not as common/easy to do. Ume and grapes are also pretty big honorable mentions.