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What the heck is on this $10 Retro Game handheld? Let’s find out!


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(he, him, his)
I'll also say thanks to you Beowulf. It's been ... nice.


Our final all-new Nice Code game, where you control two mice holding a parachute that have to catch all the mice falling in the level and let them down to safety.
This seems awfully similar to Kaboom! on the Atari 2600 (which I have only just found out is based on an earlier arcade game called Avalanche).


Summon for hire
Congrats again on the awesome thread, Beowulf.


Nice Code’s Tetris clone, but with a Pokemon theme.

I know IP rights aren't exactly a top consideration on these things, but it's worth noting that with the space in the middle "pika" and "chu" are just generic Japanese words (well, onomatopoeias at least) so they avoided using the registered trademark name, technically. I wonder if that's also why they skipped most of the line art on the sprite, even though it's still obviously the famous electric mouse.

And now that you’ve all read this far: I don’t feel a strong need to keep the FC500 or the GamesPower, since I have better devices that support things like savestates. Anybody have something ridiculous they’d like to trade me for them? Pokemon cards, old comic books, weird tabletop rpg 3rd-party supplements, undone craft kits—what random stuff do you want to get out of your house in exchange for these toys?

Hmmmm, I may need to think on whether I have anything appropriate lying around (I certainly have a lot of stuff lying around), one of those could be fun to play with for a bit!


hardcore retro gamin'
Excellent continuation of the thread. Much appreciated!

I still find it remarkable how much is left off of these devices that easily could be. It feels like even if you just needed to stick to particular mappers, you could do a quick scan of the headers, find the ones that work, and just toss 'em on there.


Not sure how easy it is to get one for $10, but this is very much in the spirit of this thread otherwise.


Son of The Answer Man
Not sure how easy it is to get one for $10, but this is very much in the spirit of this thread otherwise.
A bunch of these games actually look like graphically-enhanced versions of Nice Code titles!