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What is the best tweet


Staff member
I wish the Mario Bros movie was streaming. I want to show it to the boy.


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
The extended rough cut is on internet archive I believe, but that version has swear words in it I think.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
I’m glad that society, or at least a small vocal piece of it, has finally seen the light that the movie is great


Summon for hire
I totally bought it on DVD on a whim at some point; I should put it on some time.


Summon for hire
Only confusing if you’re not familiar with the works and history of the glorious Mr Tingle.


The metal babble flees!
I'm familiar with some of it, and read two Tinglers back in the 1890s when the Puppies got them onto the Hugo ballot. The intersection in audience between these accounts isn't that confusing, nor is the intersection of the accounts' political goals, so it's probably just a side effect of me not being online enough. Oh no!


Summon for hire
Yeah, the puppies originally put them on the ballot just to mess with people, but then it turned out that Tingle is actually an awesome progressive dude so it kinda backfired for them. Everyone else wins!


Let me rock you Chaugnar Faugn
Someone in the comments does mention that canonically Duke's a fan of Oprah, but nobody brings up this gem:



Summon for hire
I mean, unless that floats your boat. (But if it does, you surely already know what it is.)