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Topping Up My SNES Classic... Suggestions?


I cuss you bad
I'm still on an old version of Hackchi. Maybe I'll update, did they add anything obnoxious like splash screens that make it obviously not stock? Both the PS Classic and the Genesis Mini I have now have them and I hate anything like that


hardcore retro gamin'
Oh, nice. I think I'll be disabling that the next time I make some changes.

And yeah, more room than you'd think on there. I'm pretty sure I've still got somewhere around 100 MB still free. The ROMs compress pretty well (they're using 7-Zip). The save states are often more than the ROM itself! You can adjust the length of the rewind, though, if you find them unbearably large.

If you somehow don't find it to have enough room, you can also use a split OTG cable and add a flash drive into the mix.


perfect world
I'd leave some extra space on there, anyway - save states will chew through your storage pretty fast, even with the save compression mod (or the later versions of Hakchi 2 CE, which have it included). When I've completely finished up a game, I delete all save states except for one, assuming it's one I want to keep. I do usually like to keep those endgame save states around.

I meant to say earlier, thanks for this tip. While I'm sure I'll think of a few stragglers to add at some point down the road, I'm by and large done adding games and I suspect I should still have plenty of space left for save states. Even so, I went through last night and deleted a bunch that I don't need.