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This is the End my Friend - Game Over Music Dome!


Summon for hire
All that time playing it during my formative years in college make FFVI ping my nostalgia glands far too hard to not vote for.



@Denn 's Silpheed - Little Moments of Peace
@Issun 's Total Distortion - You Are Dead

After this vote its Game Over for this thunderdome! Voting ends tomorrow (4/24) at 5pm (PDT)


Sabe, Inattentive Type
(he "Sabe" / she "Kali")
aw! Well, I'm impressed how far Rest in Peace got. Of the two I submitted, I thought Determination had more potential 😸

Silpheed for this final round!


I didn't expect Little Moments of Peace to last this long. I'm also glad that You Are Dead made it this far, it's both fun and a bop.


Slam Master
(he, etc.)
You are Dead is such a weird, fantastic little gem (and it beat my Contra), so for as much a I love the Silpheed track, I'm going with it.


And the Winner of the Game Over Music Thunderdome is....

Total Distortion's You Are Dead.

Silpheed put up a good fight and only lost by a vote.

Thank you all for participating! I hope you enjoyed this Thunderdome. If you want to see the final bracket that is here.

If you are curious how 400K other people thought on this subject here's this video (400k didn't actually vote that's just the follower count):

That's not bad but TT certainly has a lot more range than those folks!

Thank you again!

Johnny Unusual

This was a pure delight. Thanks for hosting!

Submissions for next domes will open up tomorrow but for now, lets bask in the greatness of this win.


Yay! I Actually won one!

This was a really great dome, and both tracks were deserving. Thanks for running it, False!


Mysterious Ghost World
(he / his / him)
I suspected Total Distortion would take it, haha. I think it's definitely a very fitting winner given its lyrics and all, haha. Congrats Issun, and thanks for running this False!


definitely not a robot
(He/Him + RT/artee)
Thanks for running this!

shower thought: By winning this dome, does that mean that You Are Dead could be considered the loser (since it never got a game over), and every other song a winner?