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The Tokusatsudome Voting Thread!! ~SONG ATTACK~


Summon for hire
All the songs are great at this point, but I'mm'a go Zilla Fire (that's the Zilla from the previous match though the classic score is also unimpeachable).


I had some fun medical times delaying this post, but let's pretend I was doing precise tabulation to find our final pair. So let's see...
Spider-Man with 3 votes: myself, Issun, Johnny Unusual.
BOC Godzilla with 2 votes: Torzelbaum, Kirin.
Rescue Fire with 4 votes: myself, Vaeran, RT-55J, Kirin
Attack Godzilla with 1 vote: Johnny Unusual.

And so we enter the...



Spider-Man (opening) submitted by @Torzelbaum


Rescue Fire (Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire OP) submitted by @Vaeran

Perhaps fittingly, after defeating the twin terrors of the double Godzilla event, we stand here now, pitting hero against heroes, with two truly excellent themes blaring... and this brief flashback of all the many who fell along the way to get here:

Godzilla from @Torzelbaum, Accel! Henshin! from me, Justiφ's from @Hilene, Power of Love, Chroma Squad! from @Lakupo, Aiaiai Ni Utarete Bye Bye Bye from @Kirin, Wild Dance Escalation from me, Mizonokuchi Solarians from @Kishi, Wanderers from @Vaeran, Waga Na Wa Garo from @Vaeran, Akuma Ga Kyou Mo Fue O Fuku from @RT-55J, Revolution from @RT-55J, Emerjason from me, W-G-X from @Hilene, Charge! Issei and Yoshi from @Bongo, Kirai*Sailor Dream from @Johnny Unusual, Mothra from @Johnny Unusual, Magical Chinese Girl Ipanema! from @Johnny Unusual, I am Impact! from @Ludendorkk, Climax Jump from @Hilene, Attack Godzilla from @Bongo, Alive a Live from @RT-55J , Happy Birthday from me, Worrier from @Vaeran, Tokuso Sentai Dekaranger from @RT-55J, Kakero! Spider-Man from Kishi, Star Fleet from @Bongo, Dino Soul from @Hilene, Midnight from me, Boost Up! Beetle Buster from @Hilene, Gosei Sentai Dairanger from @Lakupo, Power Rangers Super Dino Charge from @Torzelbaum, HENSHIN! Tatoba! from me, Henshin! Wizard Fire! by me, Rakuen no Door from @Kirin, Ninja! Matenrou Kids from @Lakupo, Pacific Rim from @Kirin, Next Level from me, Ike! Godman from @Kishi, The Green Slime from @Bongo, Savior in the Dark from @Vaeran, SWAT on Dekaranger from @RT-55J, Round ZERO from @RT-55J, Anything Goes! from me, Busters Ready Go! from @Hilene, Hayakawa's Theme from @Bongo, Izumi's Battle from @Johnny Unusual, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from @Torzelbaum, Mahou Sentai Magiranger from @Johnny Unusual, Flight from @Issun, Byun Byun ToQer from @Hilene, Forever Mizonuchi from @Bongo, Taiyo Sentai Sunvulcan from @RT-55J, W-B-X from me, Oh!! Daitetsujin from @RT-55J, No No Give Up form @Kishi, Chojin Sentai Jetman from @Alex, Sunred's Theme from @Kirin, Excite! from me, Double Action from @Hilene, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight from @Lakupo, Zankoku no Tenshi no Thesis from @Torzelbaum, and finally, Henshin! Melon Energy Soda from me.

All great songs, but there can only be one winner... and I think I have to personally vote for Rescue Fire. Since I was late, AND it's the final round, you have a good day and a half for submissions. So, until Sunday at 6:30 AM eastern.


And the ultimate winner, Talking Time's pick for the greatest Tokusatsu theme is...

Don't Feed the Plants! (Little Shop of Horrors director's cut ending song)

This should come as a surprise to no one at this point. Between the muppet dome, the villain dome, and the top 50 plants, it's just Audrey II's year around here. And so here we have it, a fully American movie, nonetheless filled with amazing practical effects and super catchy songs. The champion you voted for!

... Oh. OK I'm being told the winner of the dome has to actually be something that was nominated and had people vote for it. Apologies. We'll be back with the official winner uh... as soon as someone jumps in here and casts a quick tiebreaker.


I refuse to let the winner go to coin toss here, and therefore my only recourse is to change my own vote leading to an ultimate victor in the form of...


Have a whole first episode to celebrate his hard-fought victory. I hope we all had a good time, learned about some new cool things (I know I did) and all that. And to honor my promise to myself, the Super Sentai show to make it the furthest was Sunvulcan, so, yeah, gonna have to find a way to watch that one.


You beat me fair and square, Spider-Man. But I'll be back! Just you wait!!

But before I go, since y'all seem to like Rescue Fire, here's the orchestra version from JAM Project's 2011 symphonic album, Victoria Cross:

It's a little less hyperactive, and while it doesn't necessarily replace the original for me, it's a nice companion piece. Enjoy.

Thanks to Purple for running this! I had a good time, and discovered some excellent music I wouldn't have known about otherwise.


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
You beat me fair and square, Spider-Man. But I'll be back! Just you wait!!
Oh no! Did I start Rescue Fire and Vaeran's villain arc?


Eh, I'm sure it will only last a few episodes and then we'll have a crossover team up.

(Thanks for running this dome, Purple. )