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The Shuffledome - Mix and Matches

Johnny Unusual

I'm the Patsy, he's the DJ in the next round.

Match 58
Violent Vixen sends some Reena Esmal care of "Darshan III. Charukeshi" while MCBanjoMike needs a pair of SZAs and nominates "Normal Girl".

Match 59
Mightyblue is Soken in Masayoshi with "Don't Be Afraid" and goes Face to Face with 4-So and "Major Tom (Coming Home)".


Johnny Unusual

Reena Esmail's fans spammed the forum and Face to Face walks away bruised by victorious.

Match 60
Torzelbaum is a Foreigner to somebody, technically, with "Hot Blooded" while Falselogic hangs with Matt and Kim and their song "Let's Go"

Match 61
@Octopus Prime goes to "Skyrim (Main Theme)" while Falselogic pays his toll to The Highwaymen and "Big River"


Johnny Unusual

The match between "Hot Blooded" and "Let's Go" is currently tied. Next vote breaks it.
The Highwaymen rob themselves a win.

Match 62

Lincolnic obeys his Queen with "Bicycle Race" while WildcatJF has a Random Encounter with "Terra"

Match 63
Falselogic is WRRRRYYYYYY with Dio and "Dream Evil" while Torzelbaum sings us a song with Billy Joel and "Uptown Girl"


Johnny Unusual

The previous tie is broken for "Let's Go!"

Then Billy Joel's a big shot and Queen reigns.

Match 64
MC Banjo Mike returns to the Roots with "Step Into the Relm" and Issun plays with his Goo Goo Dolls and "Black Balloon"

Match 65
Kirin Styx to "Mr. Roboto" while Mightyblue says 'Lettuce "Need to Understand"'​