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The Shuffledome - Mix and Matches

Johnny Unusual

Its time! We have 85 songs... so first, we are going to have a prelim to decide who moves on and who is left behind! So the prelims are 21 rounds of fun before we get into the big leagues.

Here's the bracket. I'm not used to using this sort of online tourney bracket so please let me know if I'm doing something wrong or if you can't see it. I also haven't checked yet but if someone is already matched against themselves in round 1 or the prelims. I should be able to adjust with ease (of course, if you don't care, that's fine too).

I think that's everything? I'll put the first couple matches up shortly.

Match 1
First is a match between a WildcatJF song from video games, the beloved Klonoa game. The song? Karl's Theme. Against this calm instrumental is a sweet folksy tune: He Did by Anais Mitchell.

Match 2
Match 2 is then a Japanese music match up! Then for the next match we have music from the anime Carole & Tuesday featuring Nai Br.XX and Celeina Anne with the song Lost My Way from q 3 against Destati from Yoko Shimomura by Kirin!

EDIT: The deadline is about 24 hours.
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Summon for hire
Carole & Karl

(Yeah, voting against my own track already; that's shuffledome for ya. Also I couldn't resist the alliteration. And I really liked C&T.)

Johnny Unusual

Karl's Theme and Lost my Way move on! Check the bracket!

Next, we have Pudik giving us the eternal question as asked by the Cardiacs: "Is This the Life?" and Spoony Bard gives us the track "Enter Monster" from the anime series Final Fantasy Unlimited (can't find the actual composer for this, several composers are credited for this series).

Then it is a 4-So double whammy, giving us "The Remedy" by Puscifer and "I Fall to Pieces" by Patsy Cline.

24 hours make your votes


A Bard Named SPOONY
The Remedy Unlimited

Dang I got held up from voting on yesterday's, oh well. Also, is Karl's Theme working for anyone? It tells me the account has been removed.
Patsy Cline

I'm a little disappointed that of all the Cardiacs songs, Is This The Life? is the one that showed up. It's a good track, and their only real "hit" but it's not a very good representation of them, and does almost none of the things I like them for. Was thinking about cheating and just subbing in a different track I like more, but I believe in integrity.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
I was tricked into thinking Patsy Cline covered Papa Roach, and I will never forgive her for this

Is This The Remedy?

Johnny Unusual

The votes for the last round are still ongoing but I need to put this up a little early today.

And today, we have some musical legends up in this biz. You know you are in for some interesting matches when the most obscure is Veruca Salt.

Match 5
First is appropriately One by Johnny Cash from his American Recordings era thanks to FalseLogic going up against Shutterbug by Veruca Salt as given to us by q 3.

Match 6
And round two we have a word beater team known as the Beatles. Hmm, seems like they spelled it wrong. Anyway Lincolnic says "I Call Your Name". Up against that is a song from punk legend Iggy Pop's tirade song "Mask" given to us by ME from the singer's later era.

Deadline in about 24 hours time or best offer.


Summon for hire
Well dang, I wanna vote for Johnny and Veruca, but that's not how this set worked out, so I guess I'll just settle for One Name like everyone else.