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The New Mutants in theaters Thursday August 27th...

nailed it

(Judging by the trailers I feel like this might as well be a totally different character except that they're both doctors. But in that case . . . just make an original character or maybe use someone else even remotely close instead of turning two different black characters not black. It's a really eyebrow raising casting choice.)
Cecilia Reyes is supposed to be Puerto Rican, but I think the point he was trying to make is that they even if they got the right ethnicity they did the light skinned casting just like they did for Roberto.
I think Reyes is Puerto Rican and black. The actor is Brazilian and at least considerably lighter skinned. Also totally different personality and motivation.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
I have little incentive to watch the movie, until/unless it comes to a streaming service I already pay for, but I have to know...

Does Sam inform anyone of how vulnerable he is when he’s blastin?
Aren't both actor and character Latino
Yes. She's Puerto Rican. She's also black.

Braga is Brazillain so it's possible and even likely that she is of mixed race. I'm not going to get out the metaphorical race science skull calipers or whatever and haven't looked into her ancestry. I have no idea.

However, Reyes has always been a black woman with striking dreadlocks. Braga could not pull off the look of the character without a significant degree of blackface, which is a sign you probably should look for a black person to play the part instead. (Or just make a new character, whatever, this doesn't seem like Reyes at all. I'm annoyed both as a dumb nerd who read the source material and because of the pattern of whitewashing and now the director's dumb statements about whitewashing.)

Pajaro Pete

not 2 sound 2 like i'm being all "haha they're fake fans!!!" but the way folks are surprised by the presence of a giant demon bear......
The giant demon bear actually looks cool in the movie... gr8 job.

Okay, I saw it. Worse, I liked it. It’s an enjoyable movie and also indefensible. A fitting end to this franchise. I mean, I guess there’ll be more Deadpool... great...

The cast is wonderful and the reason the film works. It's just fun to see my favs on screen portrayed by charismatic people. I was not expecting a queer romance at all. (I do not think it is a spoiler for there to be romance in an ensemble teen movie and Rahne was established as queer, like immediately but I guess I’ll just be safe) Boone's statement about not being interested in anti-black racism vis a vis Sunspot is terrible and it's not like this movie is attempting to be colorblind... anti-indigenous racism is a plot point. It's really a shame to have two egregious cases of whitewashing in this film with a queer, indigenous lead.

Also, it's heavily implied (cw: rape) Illyana was sexually abused for years as a child.

Reyes is truly just a random fairytale henchwitch. It’s pretty funny how she dooms herself because she loves acting evil so much she can’t help but give a soliloquy abt how Dark she is while failing to execute a teenager... I mean, she uses the language of Sinister "testing" her but like she doesn't seem morally troubled by murdering a teen at all. She's just self-aware enough to realize she's incompetent. RIP.

There is no talk of blastin'.