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The LoZ: Twilight Princess manga is really good


Years ago, I read a bit through the Majoras Mask manga. I vaguely remember it being fine, but not using the potential at all. Might be a faulty memory, as mentioned, it's been years. But on the whole, the Zelda mangas seemed always too short, and like they didn't give the material enough space.

Yesterday, I read the first twelve chapters of that Twilight Princess manga, and I found it pretty good. At this point, we just met Zelda, so the pacing is pretty nice, and everything has space to breathe. It also gets, atmospherically, very dark, if something bad happens. Just the appearance of the moblins, near the start of the story, is very grim. They aren't the fodder, that they feel like, to me. They are a very dangerous group of intelligent monsters, coming from a dark, scary place. Mydna, Zant and Link all have well drawn personalities, and I have totally forgotten, how mean Mydna is to Link, when they meet for the first time.

So, if you are curious, give it a look.


I had no idea this was so long-running; I thought it was a one or two-volume adaptation like all the other Akira Himekawa Zelda manga. I'll have to check it out!