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The Locked Tomb trilogy: teenage lesbian necromancers... IN SPAAAAACE!!!!


So @Lucas noticed something interesting:

JG is the main one who uses modern memes a lot, and he's also an extreme phone addict. One way of interpreting this is as a hint that JG is contemporary. We know he predates the other Lyctors by an enormous amount of time, and seems to be the only character with direct knowledge of what killed the solar system in the first place.

This implies that the First House is Earth, which syncs up with the descriptions in Gideon. But that also tells us some other interesting things!

The First House - Earth
The Second House - The Cohort - are obviously on Mars, of course, being the god of war.
The Sixth House - The Wardens - Mercury, whose Greek analog, Hermes, is a god of boundaries. We know from the end of Harrow that they're closest to Dominicus, as everyone's very concerned about them getting obliterated by even a tiny fluctuation in the star.
The Ninth House - Keepers of the Locked Tomb - Pluto, the lord of the underworld and farthest planet-ish-thing from the Sun.

So if this is right, we should be able to work out where the other houses are...

The Third House - The Procession, The House of the Shining Dead - Saturn, a god of plenty in the Roman pantheon
The Fourth House - The Emperor's Sword - Jupiter, as the chief deity of the Roman state. They're represented by a skull crowned with laurels.
The Fifth House - Watchers over the River - Neptune, apparently originally associated with springs, lakes, and rivers prior to becoming a God of the Sea... Though could also be a hint that the River being a river is an extreme misnomer.
The Seventh House - The Rose Unblown - probably Venus
The Eighth House - The Forgiving House - Uranus, since the name is ironic and they're actually judgmental bastards. (And as @Octopus Prime pointed out... They're assholes)

The Houses based on a gas giant are likely actually on moons, but I don't think that changes the correspondences much.


Same as I ever was
Some of this I'd inferred or seen other people mention (the King Undying is a bit of a contemporary edgelord, and I'd assumed the 9 Houses were in our solar system with the Ninth on the former Pluto for example, and JG notes that he hoped the sun flickering on again didn't cook the House closest to Dominicus). But that's a good breakdown putting it all together!

The First House's location in the ocean also suggests that the polar icecaps have long since melted and flooded whatever landmass it was on, and it kinda sounds like no one lives on Earth itself anymore.


The First House's location in the ocean also suggests that the polar icecaps have long since melted and flooded whatever landmass it was on, and it kinda sounds like no one lives on Earth itself anymore.
I vaguely recall a throwaway mention that people were moved to each of the Houses as they were established. In Harrow, JG gives Harrow the gift of a bunch of sleeper cells filled with resurrectees to reestablish the Ninth House.

But, importantly, we still don't have any kind of reliable information about what killed the Dominicus system in the first place. Harrow establishes that the only person who might know is a habitual liar, so...

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
The Lyctors repeatedly mention that John caused some kind of extinction-event, and given that the entire population of the planet the first house is a single half-crazed zombie, it sounds to me that the Necrolord himself may have done something that destroyed the Earth himself.

I'm also fairly confident that he's also the tenth Resurrection Beast, since only a handful were accounted for, and it was noted that there was no consistency to their appearances whatsoever.

Positronic Brain

Out Of Warranty
Well, I’m counting on Allecto being a resurrection beast, and the Emperor leeching off her power as part of the perfect lyctor process.


I think it’s more likely that Alecto is another victim of JG and her imprisonment is somehow covering up his biggest lies.


hourglass figure
I steamrolled through both books in a little less than a week. I had intented for the second one to last me longer, but after I was around 3/4 of the way through I just couldn't drop it. I finished Harrow last night. What a ride.

Anyway, a thought that affixed itself to my brain pretty early on in the second book was "Boy, the Emperor sure is giving off some serious dad energy", so let me tell you, when I got to the "Hi, Not Fucking Dead, I'm dad" part I completely LOST it.