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The Depressing Music Thunderdome - You're in Too Deep, There's No Way Out


Summon for hire
Hello World

(Helen is absolutely gut-wrenching though, man. Harder for me to relate to but amazing for what it is.)
The first match has two good songs I've never heard, and the second match features two titans of the mournful ballad. This is tough.

I gotta go with Hello from the Mad World.

Johnny Unusual

I'm surprised you haven't hear Mad World. I like it but feel like that cover is a little played out to the point of self-parody. Probably feels good going in blind.


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Round 1
Match 19

@Issun 's Life Goes on by 2Pac and @Exposition Owl 's Wandering Star by Portishead meet

Match 20
@Kirin 's Hallelujah by Pentatonix faces @Ixo 's To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra

Please shares your feelings and thoughts on your nominations or if these song affected you as you listened to them!

Exposition Owl

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Wandering Star / To Build a Home

On an album with a pervasive sense of sadness, Wandering Star always felt like the most quintessential song of depression to me: “always doubled up inside.” Plus that whole first verse! And throughout the song, there’s Beth Gibbons’s sublime voice, always sounding like she’s struggling to hold back tears.

For the record, the chorus quotes the Epistle of Jude from the Christian scriptures. Scholars have debated for centuries about whom exactly the author is condemning in his short letter, but one common interpretation is that he’s referring to misleading teachers in early Christian communities. I’ve always wondered whether that quotation, plus the reference to masked monsters who prey on others in the second verse, are meant to suggest some kind of religious trauma in the background of the song.
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Wandering Star and Hallelujah

Man I haven't heard a Portishead song in a long time. Glory Box was probably my most listened to song of theirs but Wandering Star is a close second.


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Round 1
Match 21

@SpoonyBard 's Tears of the Stars, Hearts of the People from Xenogears and @4-So 's Your Ex-Lover is Dead by Stars meet

Match 22
@Pajaro Pete 's Little Things (Analog) by Allie X faces @q 3 's Cry-a-Live by Yoko Shimomura

Let's hear your feelings on these!


Your Ex-Lover Is Little Things

Re: Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

The song is about two people who were previously in a relationship, who meet unexpectedly and try to grapple with that situation; the man's perspective in the first stanza, the woman's in the second. I especially feel that the last stanza, which is sang by both, sums up a lot of relationships.

There's one thing I want to say so I'll be brave /
You were what I wanted /
I gave what I gave /
I'm not sorry I met you /
I'm not sorry it's over /
I'm not sorry there's nothing to save

That bittersweet realization that sometimes giving your all isn't good enough ("I gave what I gave") but we cherish the time that was ("I'm not sorry I met you") while acknowledging that we've moved on without regret about the dissolution of the relationship ("I'm not sorry it's over / I'm not sorry there's nothing to save").

Break-up songs are usually "fuck me" or "fuck you" or otherwise lopsided in some way. It's refreshing (and to me realistic) to hear a song that is basically "there's still some feelings here but this was what it was, no regrets, let sleeping dogs lie".


Summon for hire
You didn’t announce winners for 19/20, on the off chance you’re still taking votes I meant to get mine in for Life Goes Hallelujah