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The Depressing Music Thunderdome - You're in Too Deep, There's No Way Out


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I'd love to hear them if you'd still share. I nominated that one mashup but also had others in mind, I'll see if I can find them.
I had meant to respond to this earlier but forgot. Now, that this is over I suppose it doesn't hurt if I post them now it won't effect anything. It is hard to myself in that place where I was and so I don't know if I could tell you why these songs spoke to me at the time. All I know now is that these songs are on my master playlist and never get any listens anymore unless I am feeling blue. The three below are iconic but really anything from VNV, Diary of Dreams or Apoptygma Berzerk is fair game.

Some other artists/songs that I'm upset I totally forgot about:

Dawes' Things Happen

Roy Orbison's Only The Lonely

Roy's In Dreams

Really every Roy Orbison song is depressing song or tear jerker.

Randy Travis' Diggin' up Bones

EDIT. oh, wait more:
Ink Spots' Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

The Pogues' The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

The Pogues' A Pair of Brown Eyes
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