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Terrifying Horror Movie Concepts

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
Because it’s July, The Season of the Witch.

An alligator is bitten by a were-crocodile. Nobody can tell when it's most dangerous.

A ghost is haunted by another ghost. The second ghost is actually a skeleton.

Exercise equipment grows eyeballs. Nobody understands when you tell them you're scared of the Stare-Master

A man inherits his grandfathers ghost. He and his grandfathers ghost do a lot of bonding he couldn't do when he was alive, but it's spooky because he's a ghost.

Cursed phone-tree system, most options kill the user in ironic ways, never gets used because everyone dials 0 for the operator.

Werewolf hunter is shocked after his latest kill to learn that there's no such thing as werewolves; he'd been hunting bigfoots.

You see two skeletons locked in a passionate embrace, and the rooms too small to let you look away and you're kind of embarrassed. Then they're ribs get tangled up and they ask for your help to pull apart.

A poltergeist is frustrated when he messes up the lyrics to your Favorite song, and you just think it's a new Weird Al album you don't recognize.

SEQUEL IDEA: the Poltergeist changes all the lyrics on your Weird Al albums so they sound like the originals.

You get over a cold and all the cold germs turn into ghosts. You now sneeze out tiny ghosts.

A Dracula bites a Frankenstein. UH-OH!

Childhood stuffed toy is possessed by devil, has no bones or muscles so it can't do anything.

Babies stare at you with horrified fascination. BASED ON A TRUE STORY?!?

Too many mummies!

Haunted House gets new owners, evicts ghosts. Homeless ghosts make waiting at traffic lights socially awkward

Old radio is haunted, sounds of static and distorted voices. Owner assumes it's defective and buys a new one, is satisfied with newer, more feature-rich model. Finds new appreciation for old favorites.

Ouija Board actually contacts spirit world. Ghosts are all very complimentary. Everyone who uses it is flattered.

Cursed mirror shows how you die. It turns out "Of old age, surrounded by loved ones".

Teen suspects new neighbor is secretly a killer, presents story to police chief. Police chief believe him, launches investigation that leads to an arrest. Teen is celebrated as local hero.

Comic book characters suddenly come to life. Only affects Archie comics.

Witches curse prevents woman from correctly pronouncing names of foreign countries, accidentally looks racist.

World wakes up one day to find that MySpace suddenly more popular than Facebook. Aliens are involved.

Evil cult moves into town. New town does not have a worthwhile number of followers, cult leader goes door-to-door looking for converts to limited success.

SEQUEL: Evil Cult membership dwindles as followers feel foolish attending such small gatherings. Most only show up for Evil Christmas and Bad Easter services, and pay little attention.

Claustrophobic boogieman lurks on top of bed, hogs covers

Reverse-Vampires put extra blood in people

Horror writer learns his stories come true; writes romantic comedies instead.

Ghost finds Halloween decorations offensive. Writes scathing blog post.

Man engaged in battle of wits against own skeleton

Wedding day ruined by goblin pranks

Woman cursed to predict the future, is unable to convince others. Buys winning lottery tickets instead.

Sinister Goverment agency founded for nefarious purposes. Budget is a nightmare, funding gradually shrinks while no goals are accomplished. President is blamed

Goldfish harbours murderous intent. Owner is terrified.

Mysterious shop appears staffed by the long dead, stores interior is in all ways the same as it was decades ago. It becomes very popular for its low, low prices.

Washing machine is cursed, adds stains to clothes

Reverse-Poltergeist; cleans up rooms after you, leaves passive-aggressive notes on fridge.

Vengeful spirit kills those who watch cursed VHS tape. Ghost had no future-proofing in place and is harmless in 2016.

Photo-lab attendant becomes dangerously fixated on customer. Customer buys a digital camera and a high-quality printer and stops shopping there.

Man is cursed by spiteful genie, never has correct change for purchases.

Strong winds at graveyard cause a skele-nado

Targeted for death by ghost train. Train runs late and only materializes on tracks.

House built on ancient burial mound; grass dies and weeds regrow. Lawn replaced with AstroTurf.

Haunted X-Box, achievements do not unlock

Swimming pool haunted by ghosts of everyone who drowned in it. Due to deligence of lifeguards, nobody ever has.

Evil car becomes obsessed with owner. Is a great friend and gets owner out of some tight jams.

Deadly new virulent disease has early stages indistinguishable from common cold. Cure is common substance most people expose themselves to constantly and unintentionally. Nobody dies.

New family is plagued by ants. Ants don't accomplish much but spell out hurtful words.

Man is menaced well into adulthood by childhood bully. Bully is still 9 years old. Man contacts parents and child is reprimanded.

Man with chainsaws for arms, and also chainsaws for legs. And he has a chainsaw head. His torso is also chainsaws.

Haunted bed sheet ridiculed by other ghosts for reinforcing stereotypes

Kitchen in Haunted house full of Ghost Peppers.

Alphabet Soup spells out the name of the next one to die. Is dyslexic.

Raindrops hate you

Evil doctor prescribes having your head chopped off; second opinion suggests otherwise. WHICH DO YOU CHOOSES?!?

Masked killer spends quiet night at home.

Somewhere, there exists a man with a beard (note: mainly scary for dogs)

A witch made of eyeballs

Agnostic is possessed by devil. Does not notice, assumes they’re just clumsy.

Robots indistinguishable from humans except that they have metal instead of skin and beep instead of talk.

Mad scientist conducts experiments on bowl of brains. Is actually cold spaghetti.

A man has a tattoo of a skull. It's yours.

Mysterious carnival staffed by monsters shows up in middle of night. Monsters are non unionized and park is unsafe. Carnival is shut down after successful lawsuit from broken arm.

Monster so uninteresting that you are bored to death.

Godzilla knows what you did last summer.

Ghostly web browser redirects all Google Searches to www.haunted.boo

Witch takes over local paper. Starts writing HORRORscopes.

Scientist builds Frankenstein out of deli-meats.

Vengeful man installs lightning rod on your house.

Catdog Lives

Vampire who feeds on vampires meets Frankenstein made of Frankensteins and a ghost who scares ghosts.

Monster Mash is held. Is an eerie sight.

Don Knotts meets wolfman. Is traumatized.

Murderous Ghost hears name wrong; answers to Buddy Mary.

Underground Toothfairy Fighting Ring

Helpful ghosts teach greedy miser the true spirit of HALLOWEEN!

Man wins Evil Lottery; prize is one million dollars worth of GHOSTS!

Haunted IMAX theatre airs all your nightmares in stereoscopic 3D surround sound! They're disjointed by nature and not nearly as frightening when depicted that way.

SEQUEL: The Haunted IMAXs films become huge hits on the indie-circuit

Spider starts weight-lifting. Becomes swole.

PAC-MAN becomes a real boy. So does Inky and Clyde

Every episode of Seinfeld contains secret message to Dracula

Chicken Noodle Soup haunted by ghost of chickens and noodles

Farmer accidentally plants the chip from Terminator instead of corn.Grows a fine crop of Skynets!

Car makes a weird noise only owner can hear.

Dog Freaky Fridays You

New Haircut is good, but not great. Due to Cursed Barbershop, hair never regrows to former length

Soul Train ferries the departed to the coolest destination of all

Haunted House gets remodelled. Ghosts can't remember new WiFi password, keep walking into Kitchen when they try to go into bedroom

Lightning-bolt knows you were lying about your taxes.

Beetlejuice fights Candyman

Womans entire skeleton jumps out her mouth. Must track it down before Scientists catch it!

Child befriends alien visitor, and becomes ill when creature does. Alien looks like a chimp made of sausage.

Serial Killer who always murders by throwing people into volcanos buys a plane ticket to Hawaii

Recently wed couple spend honeymoon being repeatedly cursed by mummies.

Mummy's vacation constantly interrupted by newlywed couple

Long forgotten pagan god reborn and seeks vengeance; is a god of baking; bread never raises just right

Too much litter on the moon; gets weighed down and falls to Earth.

Man wanders into Mirror World where mice chase cats. No other discernible differences.

New landlord turns out to be a ghoul; raises rent every time you clean cobwebs

Street Lamps speak in morse code. Mostly just petty complaints to one another


Ouija Boards useless against ghosts who read Cyrillic

Unexpected gift of breakfast in bed... prepared by Frankenstein!

Beloved, long-dead radio host gets new show on haunted radio. Everyone is pleased at first, but gradually comes to realize that old host was kind of racist

Mummy Bugs

Mad doctor kidnaps college students and forces horrible, disfiguring, radical surgery on them. Improves patients quality of life immensely. Wins accolades in medical community.

SEQUEL: Mad Doctor finds that success rings hollow, isn't any happier now that he's found fame and acceptance. Becomes sullen.

Ghost messes with browser history; targeted ads are now all for Halloween supplies

Favourite movie is rewatched; there's a chill down your spine because all the actors are now DEAD!

Child makes spelling mistake when writing letters at Christmas. Receives a new bike from Satan

The Boogieman from that one episode of Ghostbusters. Yikes

Worlds Smallest Ghost haunts electron microscope

Inattentive parents fail to notice Halloween candy contains mummies

Death of the Author does not stop ghost of inflammatory pop culture figure

Family menaced when Monster from children’s book becomes real; it’s Grover

Troubled teen can’t tell terrifying hallucinations apart from reality except by deductive method

You encounter a Terrible Witch. Unsure if that means she’s ineffectual or entirely too effective.

Malevolent AI not future proofed, stuck in a 286

Ghost haunts dating app, is a giving lover but too much drama

Mad scientist creates new form of life, adapts and learns quickly but is kind of ugly, and so it strangles some people

Sonic the Hedghog fan characters do not listen to creators, steal everything

Poltergeist makes your furnishings spell out cuss words

Cat accidentally follows you home, you are now a cat thief. Gateway to worse behaviour.

No one willing to step on Handsome Spiders

Witch uses a switchblade instead of a wand. Yells of “AbracaSTABra” become less funny over time.

Evil cult infiltrates NASA with plan to put the devil on the moon

Haunted doll has different opinions on political issues than you

A centaur, but it’s split length-wise instead of width.

Mad Doctor replaces your bones with other people’s bones

Grim Reaper has inferiority complex when people are more scared of public speaking than of it.

Actual ghost tries to scare people away from gold mine it’s stealing from. Is not taken seriously.

Ghost caused by undigested beef teams up with ghost made of blots of mustard

Fashionable thrift-store jacket once owned by Frankenstein

Can’t pull your gaze away from dreamy mummy

Haunted Garage Sale

Haunted internet meme kills again

Trees are rude

Clumsy poltergeist keeps dropping things at the wrong time

Camping Dracula encounters Bigfoot

Underpaid ghost can’t earn a living. Only a DYING!

Evil genealogist hunts down grandchildren of people their grandparents hated

Free range skeletons

Child thoughtlessly uses Wishbone wish to bring the turkey back to life

Ghost in Haunted House kills by removing batteries from smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Dracula bites Santa Claus, now doesn’t need to be invited into houses

Santa Claus bitten by Dracula, nobody is sure whether it’s worth inviting him in

Dog has untrustworthy smile

Evil cult sneaks into Bible printing press, puts sarcastic air-quotes around pertinent passages

Popular song has hidden message from sinister agency recorded backwards, is a reminder to call their mother

Man falls victim to online catfishing scam, mails own skeleton to anonymous con artist

Fishman more scary and less handsome than Hollywood leads you to believe

Dracula realizes that throwing dynamite is faster than biting necks.

Evil Witch big fan of Wicked, but terrible singer

Goblin won’t shut up about trip to Holland

Really, really big ghosts

Demon possesses phone, changes all names in contact info to be evaluations of butts. Some more flattering than others.


Creepy ghost girl insists on repeatedly calling your phone to advise of your impending death when she could really just send a text instead

Starbucks built on top of ancient burial ground: every latte comes with two pumps of TERROR!

Double Dracula Meets Fractal Frankenstein in: The Transylvaniative Property

Sleepy rural town invaded by giant spiders that all gradually starve to death patiently waiting for giant flies that never arrive

What's the scariest smell you can imagine? Multiply it by ten, and that's what you'll smell when you find yourself in... The Ol' Factory

Haunted office printer keeps reporting a paper jam, but when you open it up to look... THERE'S NOTHING THERE!!

A man buys a cursed puzzle box at a mysterious curio shoppe, then gets home and realizes he could have gotten one online for half the price

Exposition Owl

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Every episode of Seinfeld contains secret message to Dracula

This one is actually true. Little-known fact.

On a visit to the Amazon rain forest, a man is bitten and becomes a were-sloth. Every full moon, he succumbs to his base animal instincts and gets absolutely nothing done.


A grim, post-apocalyptic future where machines rule, and the few remaining pockets of humanity are mercilessly hunted down by sentries built with today's AI technology.

RESISTANCE LEADER: Unfortunately, lads, it's right. The few bullets we have left aren't going make a dent in this thing. Better to live to fight another day. Okay, we surrender!
X-7000 KILLBOT: ...
RESISTANCE LEADER: Oh god oh fuck we surrender! Okay? We surrender! You stupid fucking machine, we surrender we surrender we surrender!!
X-7000 KILLBOT: ...
X-7000 KILLBOT: ...



Your phone constantly displays that it has only 1-3% battery left. It seems to be charging normally, and the battery seems to last as usual, but you don't know. You might be running out any minute now.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
Mystery Box Unwrapping goes terribly awry in haunted pyramid

Wind up on mailing list for vengeful ghosts, keep being sent Halloween supplies

Zombie plague affects footwear; resurrects leather as whole cows

Sequel Idea; also Crocs are made of actual crocodiles?

Exposition Owl

more posts about buildings and food
Creepy voices from beyond the grave keep calling you without texting first.

A truck mysteriously starts driving around on its own, and then is captured and reverse-engineered by tech billionaires.

Your video game forum is haunted by a yelling skeleton. Unfortunately, he doesn’t post very often these days.
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The Goggles Do Nothing
Film about a vampire that hangs out with humans, but eventually kills and eats his peer group the exact moment he gets tired of lying about the same old questions. Why don't we ever see you eating, Vlad? Why don't we ever see you during the day, Vlad? Why won't you come with us to Benny's Crosses 'n Things, Vlad? Establish our vampire's M.O., and then focus an entire movie on a night of this particular vamp playing Apples to Apples with his current group of friends. Who knows what is going to make this end poorly...


space hero for hire
(He/Him + RT/artee)
A man dies but keeps going to work because he doesn't realize that he's become a ghost. Gets promoted to Ghost Boss on account of his good performance.

Scott the Woz falls off your roof and you become Scott the Woz. You now own 10% of all Wii U consoles in existence.

A werewolf runs for president and wins. Its political platform remains a mystery.

Insects can talk. They mostly just tell people "The term 'bug' is kinda offensive," and otherwise mind their own business.

A man compliments your writing style. They say it reminds them of r/twosentencehorror.

Beetlejuice drinks some beetle juice --- becomes depressed when he realizes he doesn't like it.

The sun finally sets on the British Empire (note: only scary to terfs).

A clumsy genie grants you three fishes. Unfortunately for you, you're vegetarian.

A utopian society persists only because a single, ever-continuing injustice --- a small Victorian child is locked up in a basement and forced to read the worst posts on the internet.

A rebellious laptop that refuses to work when on people's laps.

Intellivision Lives!

Johnny Unusual

A man running a night club in Morocco finds that the woman he once loved has re-entered his life, looking to help her and her new husband escape the country. Then a dinosaur.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
Due to accident of plumbing; all the pipes in your house are filled with water from the Bermuda Triangle

Deadly seamstress fills clients’ pockets with quicksand instead of regular sand


space hero for hire
(He/Him + RT/artee)
Tourguide provides tours of famous world monuments to ghost tourists. Gets repaid in spiritual favors and stock market predictions.

Yodeller loses passion for yodelling after their echo files for a divorce.

"Broken" lightbulb is perfectly capable of turning on, but only choses to do so when nobody is around.

Videogame narrator says "Shoot the core!" The core is the so-called emotional core of the game.

Lake monster is lonely because nobody tries looking for them anymore.


space hero for hire
(He/Him + RT/artee)
A poltergeist randomly swaps the pieces in 15-puzzles to make them mathematically unwinnable.

A restaurant is haunted by a poultry-geyser, and thus fails it's health inspection.

Magnets decide to take a day off and stop working. Society immediately crumbles from a lack of electricity.

The ghosts of the American founding fathers are cursed to haunt congress until they pass a bill offering reparations to the descendants of their former slaves.


Power is fleeting, love is eternal
A haunted DVD box of the 60s Batman TV series, where each episode ends with Batman and Robin actually being gruesomly killed by the deathtrap.

Exposition Owl

more posts about buildings and food
The Cryptkeeper runs out of puns, and gets really depressed. He ends up having to see a SCARE-apist.


There's something weird and wrong with the family pet dog. It seems like it's leaking smelly fluid occasionally. The dog has also started having a weird fascination with shoes; especially the mom's sandals are in a constant danger of being stolen and chewed on. Occasionally, the dog has a strange running fit out of nowhere - it doesn't seem scared or angry anything, it just runs. When it rains outside, the dog tries to eat the falling drops. Spooooooky!


space hero for hire
(He/Him + RT/artee)
When you die in real life, you don't die in the game. wait no that's just an isekai

The moon perpetually stays full, so werewolves are now just wolves.

Birds are real.

Emoji become pronounceable phenomes, and you are forced to use them in conversation.

Everybody can see the thought bubble floating above your head, but your thoughts are written in an eldritch script whose very geometry brings madness, so you have no friends. (You mostly think about breakfast foods.)

Your farts smell like burnt popcorn.

A doctor of theology tries to dissect a god.

Dust bunnies squeal and beg and entreat you: "Sweep me! Sweep me!" This only makes them stronger.

You wake up repeatedly in the middle of the night from a loud noise. Every time you head back to sleep, you are woken up again and it is somehow 3:25 AM yet again.

You wake up and all your clothes are just ever so slightly larger. They're still wearable but feel ill-tailored, and your pants keep on feeling like they're about to fall down.

You wake up, having been transformed into a cockroach. You feel relieved, knowing that you can take the day off work, until you remember that your apartment building is about to be fumigated.


Power is fleeting, love is eternal


space hero for hire
(He/Him + RT/artee)
A witch casts a hex on you. You now have sixteen fingers!

You ask a genie for you to make you the prettiest person in the world. Unfortunately for you, their tastes are 4000 years out of date!

You have no mouth, but you're not particularly inclined to scream.

Zombie Moses Returns to Egypt

You try going to sleep, but neither side of your pillow is cold!!

A diabolical scientist grows human feet in jars for nefarious purposes!!!