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Talkin' about havin' gloom: let's all play Gloomhaven!


Same as I ever was
Sorry I haven't been able to play for a bit! I'm actually wrapped up in a playtest that's been taking up a lot of time.


I too have been involved with things, but if anyone wants to get this rolling again, just flag me down whenever really.


Same as I ever was
Well I haven't had time for this on TTS at all because of other stuff (we got our game group going outside again, and occasional games of other things on TTS, and playtesting). But I've been playing the app a lot, unlocked all the classes available so far (haven't tried Beast Tyrant yet, and there are a couple not in it yet), and I must say: Gloomhaven is just a very, very good design. Every class is fun and interesting to play, even if some are more or less tricky to use at lower levels and certain party compositions.