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board games

  1. Kalir

    As Chris Farley has commanded: a thread about Spirit Island

    Hi. Spirit Island is a cool game and I like it a lot. I did a bunch of writeups on the old forum's thread, which I'll be porting over to this thread. I want to get this done in time for the Jagged Earth content, which is currently in the process of shipping to Kickstarter backers. I'm still...
  2. Sarcasmorator

    Talkin' about havin' gloom: let's all play Gloomhaven!

    So Gloomhaven is a game we've been playing here at Casa de Sarc for a while now (in its GH-for-babies Jaws of the Lion edition). If you're unfamiliar, then very briefly: it's a dungeon crawl in the form of a mildly randomized card puzzle, or vice versa. Generally you have your player...
  3. Mogri

    Let's play In the Year of the Dragon: There will be unemployment

    He who has no vision for the small things also blinds himself to the greater design. In the Year of the Dragon is a game of careful planning, where every obstacle is laid out before you at the start of the game, and you must navigate those obstacles to avoid disaster. It is a game where your...