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SciFi & Fantasy Art is Still Weird


can stop, will stop
The operative was "clear". The forecast didn't say "sunny with a chance of giant death gaze".


"This is not my beautiful forum!" - David Byrne
(Hi Guy)


"This is not my beautiful forum!" - David Byrne
(Hi Guy)
They're gonna be real disappointed to hear about my workday in the 21st century.
Only one way to find out: Let's compare.

Any job performed in close cooperation with a computer terminal may be done as efficiently from your residence as from your official place of business. Communicating to work, rather than commuting to work, may become an alternative.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
My workday involves a lot of Astro dolphins, it’s true.

Fewer since the pandemic started, granted, but it’s still an essential service


something something robble
Only one way to find out: Let's compare.
I take it back! Too bad they used the monkey's paw when writing that paragraph, though.

"People will probably work two, three or four careers during their lifetime, and they will be returning to school several times for training in a totally new field--at ages as late as 60 or 70." With medical advances allowing people to live longer and healthier lives, the very concept of retirement will probably have to be rethought. "Perhaps retirement will not be a discontinuous event, but a phasing out of working life into retired life, working past-time as retirement age nears"

Exposition Owl

more posts about buildings and food

This was clearly drawn in the era before you could just type "what does a crab's mouth look like" into Google Image Search.