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RIP Yu Gi Oh creator Kazuki Takahashi

Johnny Unusual


As mentioned in the animation thread, Kazuki Takahashi has passed away a few days ago. His body was found off the coast of Nago in an apparent snorkeling accident.

He created one of the darker megafranchises of anime, one with spin -offs that continue since it was created 27 years ago as a series of dangerous games. The cast of Yu Gi Oh seems heavily inspired by Jojo part 4 with an off kilter art style that solidified pretty impressively. Though the series isn't my favourite, the art is good, the early stories are fun and the last arc did have a kind of cool reveal. Fun fact, his last work was actually a Spider-Man/Iron Man story called Secret Reverse.

Ghost from Spelunker

This is huge news to me. It was hard enough when Roger Slifer died.

I've never actually dueled anybody in real life (too risky), but the video games, anime, and mangas were more than enough.

I remember buying a Japanese DVD in the early aughts, (to see the super mind-blowing differences, and because that's what weebs did before Youtube), and then letting somebody on this forum borrow it. So all that talk about togetherness in Yugioh was onto something.