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Read Pinocchio! In free online-comic form!


Months (years?) ago, someone here showed me this comic of the literature classic Pinocchio. I never thanked that person for it, so let me do it here. Thanks a lot, person whos name I forgot (seriously, I don't know who it was, but the comic is great, so thanks).

I make this thread, because, while the comic seemed dead (there hasn't been a new chapter, since I started reading it), it has recently been updated! Not one, but three new pages!

If you haven't read the book, do yourself a favour and try this comic. It's been ages, since I've read the book, but the comic seems to be an extremely accurate retelling. It's worth experiencing, it being so weird and different, from the Disney movie. Way more bizarre, and darker, but always absurd. It's a really fun story.


Summon for hire
Oh, thanks for posting about the update! Some time in the last year I made my way through it gradually and got to where it had stopped.


A most radical pontiff
(He, Him)
‘Twas me and you are welcome. He’s actively finishing it but he lets folks on his Patreon see it first.


Well, it is over. What a weird, bizarr tail - that the goofy drawings fit the story so well should tell you everything you need to know about this glorious book.

Also, the comic ends of a shot of the puppet, after Pinocchio became a real boy, hanging on a chair, his dead eyes starring into space. It's pretty creepy, and off-putting.