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Official Percy Thread


Smol Monster
(She/her, they/them)
Hang on... I think I might have the one I did lying around somewhere....

EDIT: Ha! Found it.

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say "fish don't exist" to my face, motherfucker
We never did give him the Sonic movie trailer treatment did we


Smol Monster
(She/her, they/them)
I honestly can't figure out how photobucket is still around, given those absolutely absurd monthly price points for features that are between free and $25 per year on other image hosts.


Rated Ages 6+
(He, Him)
Godsdammit, Falselogic. Wasn't 2020, well... 2020 enough for you? You had to unseal the EVIL?


Ancient Nameless Hero
I guess if it comes down to this or Franco gifs, I'm on team Percy.

Words I never thought I'd type.


Ancient Nameless Hero
Listen, I know we're not, like... close, or anything. But I have to ask now: What did I ever do to you?


(He, him)
It...started off innocently enough.


I encountered a really thirsty Baby Persimmon in the Celery Forest.

So I got him something to drink. And invited him to come along with me.

"I'm Percy!"

This was the worst mistake I ever made ever.

Continued in the spoilerpop.
The problems started after we snuck past the big dumb stupid guard who wouldn't accept my passport that is totally of me and not some cabbage prince buried in the ground.

After we got in the gate and far, far away from the sleepy guard...

"Ouch! Sorry Boss."


"I fell down and LOST SOME STUFF."

I'm not counting that time we got arrested, but when we were escaping the prison episode...

"Sorry Boss, I lost some of our stuff when we were running away."

And then after Percy killed Saladron in an epic Rock/Paper/Scissors duel and the Forest Guard escorted us to the Resistance base...

"Sorry Boss, I lost some junk after we came through the bush."

And then at the Resistance base...

"Boss! I threw a few items away!"

By the time we smoked chameleon grass to become Farmies, I'd had enough of this bull****.

"I'll make coleslaw out of you!"


"Sorry Boss, but I guess I lost your lawnmower's gasoline!"


"And the blades."

I ****ing hate you Percy.
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Could be a fren
My kid had Canberra for a while and reacted to her as one would to a portal to Hell, so perfect choice here. You monster.


(He, him)
I already knew that if I did a Princess Tomato Photopia shoot, Canberra would be my first choice to play the persimmon.

Percy might not have a big nose and ears (or any nose and ears), but Canberra has the perfect height and fur color for playing the li'l man as well as her own kinda creepy smile. It had to be her.