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Official Percy Thread


The Chimera Brain
Most of the Percy art from my abandoned Dragon Quest 3 LP appears to be gone forever, including Comb Stranger's iconic Puff Puff Percy. MetManMas' Percecutioner seems to have survived though:
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(He, him)
Percy may drop my everything all the time, but having him as a companion isn't all bad. For example...



Hit General Cantaloupe.

I don't know if he's honor-bound or just plain stupid, but usually Percival will hit whatever I tell him to hit.

This has gotten us into trouble. I mean, that carrot hermit in the next chapter sent us blasting off like Team Rocket a few times.

But usually, Percy is the only one who's in trouble.

Don't f*** with General Cantaloupe.


(He, him)
Is that one of the standard options for avatar customization in the game? If so ... why?
The cucumber pack is a buyable accessory occasionally at Able Sisters. In real life you can use cucumber water to help with smooth skin, so that's why you can wear them in Animal Crossing.