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No One Can Stop Mr. Talking Time's Top 50 32 & 64-Bit Video Games!

Tomm Guycot

Tomm, did you play the PSX or Saturn port or something? I love Snatcher. It definitely would have made my list, but the only version I played was the Sega CD one, which didn't quality for the 32bit era.
Honestly it's just my Kojima loyalty. When I went to Japan I got PS1 versions of both Policenauts and Snatcher so it counts in my mind. probably shouldn't have.
Aight, here's my list. Most of mine made the final cut in some form so I'm very pleased how this whole thing worked out, but I highlighted the few that didn't:
  1. Metal Gear Solid
  2. Suikoden II
  3. Front Mission 3: Easily the greatest mecha game ever made, my personal favorite strategy rpg, and also just my favorite Squaresoft game from this era as well. There's just so much to like about every aspect of this game. The combat systems are deep and complicated, yet intuitive and forgiving enough to enable a casual playthrough. Gaining money and levels is easy/balanced enough that you never really have to grind. (Especially if you start cheesing the eject pilot strategy.) The cast is diverse and very likable. The globe-trotting setting is expansive and lends the game a lot of character. And the entire internet minigame is bonkers levels of detail/lore.

    And then there's the story/campaign. Which is still to this day, one of the most ambitious things I've seen in a game. Two full campaigns with almost completely different casts for the price of one. There's really nothing else like it. Where you get to see how history goes down differently just because you made one simple decision early in the game. It's actually incredible. And playing through both does more to hammer home the classic real robot themes of 'war is bad' than anything in anime or videogames I've seen. There's nothing quite like playing through the 2nd scenario, having to get to know and enjoy the baddies you had to kill in the first, and then later having to murder the friends you made in the 1st scenario just because chance and circumstance had you on the opposite side of things this time around.

    Also me like big punchy robits. And shout-out to the Patlabor shout-out late in Alisa-Scenario. 20/10 game since it's two incredible games in one.
    Y'all done goofed not putting this one on your lists.
  4. Xenogears
  5. Final Fantasy VIII
  6. Parasite Eve
  7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  8. Policenauts: Like Tomm said, this one is mostly my Kojima loyalty. It's got a lot of aspects to it that don't really hold up great. But it's still a fantastic game! There's so much great voice acting in it, it looks fantastic, it's got a good story, and it's just a really entertaining visual novel. It also helps that it's a pastiche of a lot of 80s stuff I love too. Lethal Weapon mixed with Blade Runner? Yo, where do I sign up.
    I wish Kojima would go back to making visual novels.
  9. Chrono Cross
  10. Grandia
  11. Half-Life
  12. Starcraft
  13. Dance Dance Revolution
  14. The Sims: Probably my biggest surprise in this popularity contest is the fact that this one didn't rank. I choose to believe that most of y'all probably associate it with 2000s gaming and just assumed it wouldn't count, but I very carefully read the fine print and it definitely squeaks into the window outlined for PC games.

    I love simulation games, and at the time The Sims was the ultimate culmination of that genre. It was a game so good that your mom got addicted. My fondest memories of this game, was my friend burning a copy of it to CD so I could play, but he modded the game's soundtrack so only Nelly's Country Grammar would play in the bg.
  15. Final Fantasy VII
  16. Final Fantasy Tactics
  17. Arc the Lad II
  18. Breath of Fire IV
  19. PaRappa the Rapper
  20. Sakura Taisen 2: Wonderful series that combined a lot of personal passions, and Sakura Taisen 2 is probably the game most fans of the franchsie think of first.
  21. SaGa Frontier II: My personal favorite Akitoshi Kawazu game. Most people probably definitely like the first SaGa Frontier, but this one is the one most dear in my heart. The sense of time and history the story has, combined with the soundtrack, and the artwork makes it a work of art. Seriously, look at the sprite work and listen to the soundtrack:
    It's like if FFT was a more traditional RPG, but they turned the dial up to 11 on the sprites, backgrounds, and soundtrack. What an incredible game, I wish more people knew of its majesty.
  22. Threads of Fate
  23. Macross VF-X2: Probably one of the best Macross games there is, made during the golden age of the franchise. I couldn't *not* rep this game for a list of 90s stuff.
  24. GoldenEye
  25. Lunar: Silver Star Story


This was a really fun one, thank you!

Edit: Also I did hook up my PS3 and download Suikoden II based on this list

I was kind of surprised that Myst and The Sims didn't show up, but checking the dates again now I may have been a bit off on if they qualify.

The Sims: Probably my biggest surprise in this popularity contest is the fact that this one didn't rank. I choose to believe that most of y'all probably associate it with 2000s gaming and just assumed it wouldn't count, but I very carefully read the fine print and it definitely squeaks into the window outlined for PC games.

Ha, I had it on my list (#3) because I thought it counted and second-guessed myself when it didn't place. Glad to see someone else voted for it, I wonder if most people here started with Sims 2?


Apologies to @ThornGhost as I managed to miss getting his blurb into Final Fantasy Tactics. I have edited the post to include it, and am also posting it here:

ThornGhost said: While its slightly older brother Final Fantasy VII may hold a larger place in the pop culture mind share, Final Fantasy Tactics is the pinnacle of Playstation RPGs. A mature, if frustratingly translated story, draws the player into Ivalice long enough for the gears of its deep gameplay to grab hold. There is a perfect blend of complexity, difficulty and freedom in its battles. Using a very expanded version of the classic Final Fantasy "Jobs" system allows the player to build the party of their dreams and bend the game nearly to the point of breaking with a little thought and effort. Perma death is a potential failure state for units, but has such a wide recovery window that it mostly acts as to heighten tension rather than cause frustration. Relatively simplistic looking on release compared to its contemporaries, in the intervening years, its graphical design has proven incredibly prescient and Final Fantasy Tactics has aged the most gracefully of all Playstation era Final Fantasy games.