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Nickelodeon Magazine is 30.


I didn't know there was a magazine. Was this a regular thing, or just a one-off?

Looks fun, I would have loved it as a kid.


can stop, will stop
My sister and I definitely had a subscription to Nickelodeon Magazine as kids, and we had this first issue. As a whole, I remember it being pretty surprisingly entertaining.


Summon for hire
Huh, I watched a lot of Nick as a kid and didn’t remember a magazine, but it looks like it was kind of after my time. The first issue there says summer ‘93 which would’ve been leading into my senior year of high school.


..and his little cat, too
I remember getting the first issue in a promotion from Pizza Hut. Didn't really keep up with it, though. Can't recall if Pizza Hut got more, or just the one.


I definitely had a few, I totally remember that Troll evolution/fake palentology bit from the one you linked though.

I've seen a few things recently talking about nostalgia for the magazine and I'm pretty baffled by it! I definitely don't remember it being popular at all, and was specifically teased a couple times for reading that rather than watching Nickelodeon.