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Naming comic characters on sight...

Johnny Unusual

Going to post a character and you name them and post the next one. You can only assume you posted the name correctly and it will now be canonically their name.




Going to post a character and you name them and post the next one. You can only assume you posted the name correctly and it will now be canonically their name.


Oh that there? That's BladeX. From the Renegadez.

Who was this though again?


And that's Traction. Uses his giant arm cast with built in rollers to move real fast when doing awkward handstands.


Oh damn I apparently forgot to ask with that last one.

Anyway this is clearly Starfish Jones.

This though? No clue.


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
Max Steelhands, the robot crotch grabber.

Sorry, I don't have a image hosting account at the ready for this. I guess I could use Twitter...


Son of The Answer Man
Just to keep things moving along...
After a strange woman burst through his window one night, Bruce Wayne vowed to become what all men fear: Woman-Man! This is his sidekick, Girl, the Boy Wonder.

Can't remember this guy, though:

Johnny Unusual

His name is My Weakness is My Abdomen. It is a name he gave himself in order to distract from his actual weakness. Can you guess what it is? You might be pleasantly surprised.




????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
That's Multi-Holiday Monkey Man. He can use the power of multiple Holidays at once. Currently he's using the powers of Christmas (green) and Halloween (orange).


Or he might be using most of the power of Mardi Gras with the gold and green. MHMM can be a tricky opponent to fight.



Pretty sure that's Red Beetle. The less popular brother of Blue Beetle. He fights for, well he just likes to fight.

But, who was this character again?



Summon for hire
That's The Replicator. Sadly his tech is a little buggy; sometimes he can produce weapons out of his chest but mostly it just makes hot tea.

Meanwhile I'm not sure I *want* to know who this is...


Exposition Owl

Owl of the not-so-wild
Yeah, that's the Eggman. He and his henchmen, the Eggmen, harness the power of the mystical Glass Onion against his archenemy, the Walrus. So far, the Walrus has foiled the Eggman's plans to activate the Mojo Filter, but you never know what will happen in the next issue!

I always forget this guy's name, though. Can anybody remind me?



can stop, will stop
That's the X-Pickle. A bizarre interdimensional accident stripped them of their vinegar and stranded them on our Earth, but granted sentience in exchange. They temporarily joined X-Force while trying to get back to their home plane.

But, uh, this guy -- who was he again?



????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
That's the Dashing Clash. He's dashing but his outfit clashes.

Hmm... Now I'm wondering why I want to remember this character's name: