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May you ever walk in the Light of the Crystal! Let's Play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


The Goofiest Hrothgar

But who else should catch his arm...

...but Cid Garlond, his rival?

The look of disgust on Nero's face is palpable.

They're back, and all seems well! The voidgate is closed, and everyone is safe...except for Doga and Unei, but they chose to remain in the World of Darkness.

Rammbroes regrets that now nobody can seal the Crystal Tower...

Yep, just leave it to this catboi. Rammbroes agrees that Satznswys and Nero could use a break, and they'll reconvene later to do this. G'raha regrets not being more useful beyond the rift. Satznswys asks if he's remembered what he's supposed to. He nods, and promises to tell Satznswys later. For now, he wants to do something before he returns.

Back in the camp, Rammbroes would hear the full story of what went on inside the rift.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

He wonders who imbued G'raha Tia's family with the royal bloodline, and why. Perhaps this was all predestined. Biggs noticed that neither G'raha nor Nero are here. Nero left as soon as he was able to walk on his own power, Cid says.

Uh oh.

Looks like he means to seal it himself.

Heading to the Labyrinth of the Ancients, they find G'raha doing exactly what they thought he would be.

G'raha refuses. The awakening of the Allagan blood within him has made him realize what his destiny is.

The people looked to see the spires of the Crystal Tower as a beacon of hope. Word of this reached the only member of Allag's royal family that survived the calamity that ended the Empire: Princess Salina.

He says that he must fulfill the wishes of the ancients, and that the tower will shine as a new beacon of hope to the world.

Cid says that they'd need to advance in technology way further than they are able to understand the Crystal Tower's potential, and fears they may never.

And there's his plan.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Once the tower is open, he will guide them.

The game begins to play a musical track from Final Fantasy III: Eternal Wind, the main theme of that game.

Cid asks if they can change his mind, but it's clear that it's not like to happen.

Team Ironworks promises to see him once again.

And now this lazy catboi is tired, and wants to go sleep.

The handprints darken, and that's that.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Outside the Labyrinth, one person watches the Crystal Tower start to slumber once again.

And, so, Nero departs, and as he does, the player can hear some eerie pinging...rhythmic, as though it were Morse code.

And Rammbroes says his farewells, but not his goodbyes. Twelve willing, they'll all meet back here again one day to reopen the Crystal Tower, when the world is ready for its secrets.

And that's the conclusion of the Crystal Tower story arc. But one wonders what Nero's going to be searching for on his own? He's not likely to cause a lot of trouble, but he's just the right kind of ambitious that someone should keep an eye on him. And what kind of future will await the sleeping G'raha Tia, when the world is finally ready for the power of the Crystal Tower? Bet it's so bright, everyone'll have to wear shades.

And that's that for this update! Next time, Satznswys returns to the Rising Stones, to see what has become of the white auracite plan Moenbryda and Urianger are cooking up, the fallout of the Shiva situation in Coerthas, and much more!


The Goofiest Hrothgar
Hello everyone, and welcome back! Previously, Satznswys rescued Nero, Doga, and Unei from the World of Darkness. The latter two stayed behind to stop the Cloud of Darkness from reaching into Hydaelyn and destroying it. G'raha Tia closed the doors to the Crystal Tower until such time that the world is ready for the height of Ancient Allagan technology.

Now, Satznswys returns to the Rising Stones to meet with Minfilia.

She wistfully remembers the days when the Scions of the Seventh Dawn just dealt with the primal threat, and wonders if it was wise to take on so many additional responsibilities.

Alphinaud says that with the Crystal Braves, they do have more resources now to handle everything on their plate.

Alphinaud confirms. The Flames are struggling with the fact that one of their highest-ranking officers was a traitor. Teledji Adeledji and the Monetarists have been using this to weaken the Flames' position in Ul'dah. He says that he wants to direct the Crystal Braves to support Raubahn in this delicate situation. He plans to stay deployed in Ul'dah, rather than running back and forth between there and Revenant's Toll.

They're still working on the blade of Light problem.

Sure thing, Minfilia. Alphinaud is happy to continue working with Satznswys, and is grateful for the ever-present help she provides.

Alphinaud has been working with Riol directly under his command.

Alphinaud's got another job in mind for Satznswys.

He calls back to the weapons dealers that distributed to the rioters in Ul'dah. His sources point to a black marketeer near Highbridge in east Thanalan.

Riol mentions the merchant that got arrowed to death right in front of Satznswys.

Sounds like a plan. Alphinaud tells her to meet with Captain Ilberd, and the two of them should be able to intervene when this appointed exchange is to take place. He leaves for Ul'dah.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Just checking in with some of our Scion friends. Moenbryda has definitely shaken up the group dynamic here.

The black marketeer has some muscle behind him, but Satznswys should be able to handle them. He does move to apologize, as this kind of work should be beneath Satznswys.

Satznswys: Gets Stuff Done.

When he tried to take the guy into custody, he pulled a knife. One of his subordinates panicked, and put him on the ground.

Hmm...this is all very odd.

In the meantime, he asks Satznswys to bring the evidence to Ul'dah for him.

Yuyuhase is happy to receive them, but the lady, Alianne, is confused. Riol's intel suggested a lot more than just the one crate.

Yuyuhase says they should be thankful that his information was not entirely wrong.

A simple chore, more than anything.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Oh, Riol. What's up?


He says that they're less likely to be overheard here in the crowded marketplace. He asks her to tell him everything that went down at the Burning Wall.

Apparently, the Duskwights they were chasing gave them the slip. Indeed, Satznswys hadn't seen them before or after the fighting. Riol thinks this all stinks. He knows his info was reliable.

He says that these days, the money flows like water, and the 1st and 3rd units of the Braves get the newest and shiniest toys. He shakes his head and dismisses the thought, and gets back to his business.

Oh boy, what now?

Arriving back at the Rising Stones, Tataru is flustered. I think I know who this might be, but she's in with Minfilia. So, they head in.

Lucia! Good to see you. She says that she wanted to speak with Alphinaud as well, but she can't afford to wait any longer. She's here on behalf of Ser Aymeric with a request for Satznswys's aid.

Last night, the dragon star burned brighter than it has in fifteen years, when the Dravanian horde engaged the Empire over Lake Silvertear.

Lucia says that the brightening of the dragon star is said to accompany the roar of a great wyrm. The astrologians believe that it was Midgardsormr himself who cried out then.

The Domans haven't seen anything unusual. Moenbryda asks the obvious question.

Lucia explains that Dravanians communicate in ways beyond their ken. Thus why they rely on the astrologians to look for signs in the skies. They can only learn more by examining the Keeper of the Lake, but there's a lot of red tape for her to dispatch the Temple Knights to investigate. So that's why she's come to ask Satznswys's aid. She agrees.


The Goofiest Hrothgar
Minfilia asks what she's preparing for.

Grim determination on Lucia's face.

Minfilia gives the history of Silvertear Lake, and the battle of Silvertear Skies, which we've received snippets of as early as Gaius's introductory cutscene, when he was reflecting on this battle.

Arriving at the shores of the lake, the Doman on watch flags Satznswys down.

Yeah, the place is crawling with who knows what, besides the Garlean forces holed up in Castrum Centri. Going at it by airship is likely to draw fire, so the Doman suggests taking a boat across the lake to the base of the Agrius.



The Goofiest Hrothgar

Keeper of the Lake is a set-piece dungeon, set within the crash of the Agrius, which, as I said before, is a teaser of lore that's happened in recent history. Gaius van Baelsar sent the Agrius to take Mor Dhona, and the great wyrm Midgardsormr intervened. There are a couple of special Square Enix nods.

Particularly, the first boss, Einhander. Looking similar to the titular ship from the game of the same name, its mechanics consist of dropping ceruleum tanks into the field that will chain explode if they detonate near each other.

The second boss is a magitek gunship. Its primary attack is a flamethrower, a large conal AOE that persists for a long time, as though the operator inside were just pressing and holding down the button. He'll target a random player with a reticle, and then head in that player's direction, dropping persistant fire puddles that will inflict a DoT if someone steps into them. It will deploy adds that should be destroyed, if only to keep the incoming damage down.

The last boss is Midgardsormr, and uses a wide variety of AOE lines, circles, and conal attacks in rapid succession, making him very mean to casters. Once his health drops below two different thresholds, he will resurrect one of the dragons near him, and become invincible. Burn down the dragon until an Einhander shows up with a shield generator. Destroy the Einhander and interact with the generator to create a shield that will make the players invulnerable to all damage from Midgardsormr's arena-damaging attack. Each time you take down a dragon, it knocks a large chunk off the great wyrm's health. Generally, parties will want to save the Limit Break to take out the second dragon, as Midgardsormr won't have enough health to make it worth the time to Limit Break him himself.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Even after taking down the spirit of the great wyrm, he still speaks.

He says that his people have heard the song. Ishgard shall burn.

The dragons do not forget or forgive.

Consent to what?

Hey no, wait, she needs those!


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Upon completing the dungeon, Midgardsormr is added to your minion list, and can be summoned as such.

So what the hell happened up there? Midgardsormr implied that he severed her connection to Hydaelyn, but what does that mean, exactly? Is the Echo gone? Will she no longer see visions? Regardless, she heads back to the Rising Stones to try and make sense of it all.

Satznswys tells the story. Alphinaud can scarcely believe it himself.

Yeah, that's not ambiguous. Ser Aymeric must be notified immediately, but Alphinaud cautions against letting him know the full extent of Midgardsormr's words, as Ishgard might see that as heresy.

Urianger and Alphinaud depart, and Satznswys, who has only felt comfortable talking about matters related to the Mothercrystal to Minfilia and her alone, breaks the news.

She asks about the covenant that Midgardsormr spoke of. One of the ancient myths regarding Silvertear falls states that when the waters came into existence, so too did he. Althyk and Nymeia, also known as Brother Time and Sister Fate, decreed that Midgardsormr would watch over the source of both water and magic. She wonders if that is the covenant of which he spoke.

She leaves, and Midgardsormr appears to Satznswys. "What hast thou wrought by thine own hands, mortal?" he asks.

Outside the solar, Lucia is happy to hear of Satznswys's success. Her encounter with the Keeper of the Lake seems to confirm Ishgard's fears: the Dravanians are coming.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Lucia says that Ishgard has weathered countless assaults over the centuries, and this will be no different. Now that Satznswys has confirmed the threat, Ser Aymeric's calls to strengthen the wards can no longer be ignored.

She takes her leave.

He fears that Ishgard underestimates the gravity of the situation. Even if it was not Midgardsormr who roared, the call to arms by one of the first brood of dragons will not be ignored. Unfortunately, the Scions can only stand to the sidelines until Ishgard calls for aid.

Alphinaud steps aside to confer with the Crystal Braves while Satznswys checks in with Moenbryda.

Straight to the point!

The other Scions are discussing the Ascian threat, that there hasn't been much from them in a while. Hopefully Moenbryda's come up with something.

She thinks they're on the verge of a breakthrough.

School Time!

So they have no idea what density of aether they need for the plan to work.

Yda suggests something that she's suggested before, and was shot down fairly quickly, which Papalymo is quick to remind her: white auracite cannot hold aether for very long. Therefore, they can't use it to prepare this blade of Light.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Moenbryda says that's the problem to solve. They can't drag around all those crystals, so they're going to have to approach it another way.

Uh, this sounds like Eighth Umbral Calamity-level nonsense, Y'shtola. The rub is that while corrupted crystals are abundant, again, the problem is portability. You can only face an Ascian near one, and if you do kill one, it's not going to take them long to figure out what the plan is.

Moenbryda has a better idea.

Crazy plan it is, then. Great.

Oh, hullo Alphinaud.

He reports that troop movement has been sighted at Castrum Meridianum.

After the Alliance forces withdrew, Meridianum received forces from Castrum Centri. They're working to rebuild, and look to retake the ceruleum processing plant. Can't let that happen. Since the Empire has withdrawn support, they're scrambling for every bit of advantage they can.

Moenbryda's in. After all, they need to get their theory tested, before the Ascians re-emerge. She asks Satznswys, Papalymo, and Thancred to support the Braves. Yda and Y'shtola will work with Moenbryda to scout out a suitable testing ground with the corrupted crystal clusters.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Minfilia agrees with Urianger, and bids them to be safe in their work.

The 4th unit of the Braves have already deployed, and Satznswys is to rendezvous with them at the plant. Alphinaud has business in Ul'dah with Captain Ilberd.

Coultinet and Hoary Boulder say their farewells, as they're escorting F'lhaminn. She's going to be contacting old acquiantences in the city. With all the imperial machinations, the Monetarists' schemes, the threats of primals, and Ishgard's dragons, they need all the allies they can muster.

Hoary is pretty confident he can keep F'lhaminn out of danger.

Satznswys arrives in Northern Thanalan. Wilred seems confident they can handle things, but he's glad for her help.

Lieutenant Edelstein would love to reminisce about the war stories of Operation Archon, but time is of the essence.

Whoa, they've planted bombs? Wilred wonders how they could have been placed, with the place under such heavy guard.

Papalymo says that with ceruleum being volatile as it is, one detonation could wipe out the whole facility.

So they split up and look for the devices.

Found them all!

Edelstein hopes this is the last of these bombs, and sends Satznswys to check in with Alianne of the Braves for their next step to repel the Garlean raiding force.

That's a hell of an axe, Moenbryda.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Ilberd is glad for the Scions to be here in force to aid in turning the Garleans away. He's brought forces from Ul'dah to supplement the guard here as well. Seems this place is locked down tight.

She heads out to meet with Yuyuhase, the commander of the unit she's working with. The Garleans have split up to hide their numbers, and so they will split as well to root out the raiders.

Done and dusted.

Well, it'll be nice to know what Moenbryda's working on, and if she needs any help.

Satznswys finds her inspecting a corrupted crystal near the plant.

Moenbryda is amazing, you guys.

Glad to know everything's going to plan. The siphon's working, so they have the aether they need. Next is how to actually forge the blade of Light, like Hydaelyn bestowed on Satznswys.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

You got a point, asshole, or you just going to snark at the two of them?

Yeah, you're welcome, buddy.

"Oh, bugger."

Alright, jackass, you're getting on Satznswys' last good nerve.

None of your business.

"Shorn of Light as you are, you are no longer a threat. And better yet, the seal is broken." I understand why you'd want to be cryptic in your taunts, Nabriales, but it's REALLY getting old. Either speak plain or pike off.



The Goofiest Hrothgar

Nothing good, Moenbryda. Nothing good.

Oh no.

Yeah, gotta hurry.

In the Solar...

Stop it, guy.

Moenbryda, no!


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Well, it looks like the tablet in question is broken.

Right, sure.

Like hell you will.




The Goofiest Hrothgar

This fight is obnoxious, especially for melee fighters. Nabriales likes to teleport around the arena, each time, breaking targeting and forcing the players to find him again, though that can be found usually through the line AOE he throws out after teleporting. Tanks will want to use mitigation when he starts casting Double, because his spells will hit twice as a tankbuster.

Twice during the fight, he'll go untargetable, and start pulling orbs from the edge to the center, charging an ultimate. The party wants to grab alternating colored orbs to prevent him from charging. During this, he'll summon dark sprites that throw out large conal AOEs.

Eventually, he'll telegraph pulling you in to a dimensional rift. During this, everyone will want to pop whatever on-demand buffs they have, because inside the rift, it will increase the uptime for these buffs tenfold, so tank cooldowns will last a very long time. They'll need it too, as they need to catch the meteors falling from the sky while the rest of the party breaks open the dimensional tear. General duty finder strategy is to hold a melee Limit Break level 3 to destroy the tear and break out.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Escaping from Nabriales' realm, Moenbryda is relieved that they are safe.

Oh fuck, no, dude.

...and so ends Moenbryda's part in this story. She gives all of her aether and sacrifices herself to destroy Nabriales in Satznswys' blade of Light. This won't be the last time a character is killed, but Moenbryda's death did sting a lot of players very hard. Unlike the rest of the Scions, she had an irreverence that gave her charm, and she was willing to do whatever it took to get the job done. The most galling part of her death to players is the fact that she was around for such a short amount of time. She had established character, but she had no arc during her time with the Scions, and she was snuffed out before she could even have a chance to.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

The others rush in to find the state of the solar as it is. Satznswys and Minfilia deliver the sad news.

Even Thancred is at a loss for words.

Urianger's voice shakes as he speaks.

Often did Louisoix impress to the two that knowledge exists to serve the greater good. However, Sharlayan's policy was neutrality, to a fault, and censured him and sent him out. So, he came to Eorzea and formed the predecessor organization to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, the Circle of Knowing.

When he left Sharlayan, Louisoix didn't tell Moenbryda, and that wounded her, severely.

Minfilia says that the Louisoix she knew would never forsake his duty, or one of his confidants.

Urianger struggled with the decision to tell Moenbryda the truth about Louisoix's intent. He told himself that Louisoix wanted Moenbryda to come to the truth of her own power. And so, he left her to suffer. And he deeply regrets not telling her, now that she's gone.

Satznswys tells him of her final words. There is relief in his voice, but it's still clear that he aches with this tragedy.

She gives him leave to go, and that they'll be here for him if he needs them.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

The Scions are still processing and mourning Moenbryda's death.

Minfilia suggests they perform the memorial ritual at a shrine of Thaliak, the Scholar, and patron deity of Sharlayan. It's not far, on a hill near to Castrum Centri.

Satznswys arrives first, and offers up her own prayer

The Scions arrive afterward.

Minfilia thinks that Moenbryda would tell them to "pick themselves up and get on with it". And they shall, defending Eorzea and her people to their very last.

Midgardsormr, visible only to Satznswys, does not gloat, and merely speaks of things yet to come.

For obvious reasons, morale is very low at the Rising Stones. Minfilia believes that the grief that they feel is precious in its own way, and should not be swept aside so quickly.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

But they have to fight through the pain and keep going.

Minfilia knows Satznswys already knows these things. She's just giving voice to these thoughts to reaffirm them to herself. If she doesn't, she feels like she'd collapse in a fit of despair. Minfilia has come to see Satznswys as a pillar of strength for her, and she'll need that strength in the days to come...

That's going to end things for the Main Scenario Quest for now, but there's more to come on that front. Traditionally, the Main Scenario for the final major patch is split into two parts. This is to allow for the developers to tease things for the upcoming expansion. Also, the back half of the 2.5 story is dense, and it is heavy. And things will change significantly for the Scions of the Seventh Dawn when it is all over... Please look forward to it.


The Goofiest Hrothgar
Everyone, I'm posting the final update TOMORROW! So if you want to influence Satznswys's job for the 3.0 Heavensward story, then as few as 1 or 2 votes could be the deciding factor!


The Goofiest Hrothgar
Welcome back, everyone, to the final update! Yeah, it's the final update, and hoo boy, it's a doozy!

Talking with Minfilia, she asks for Satznswys to talk with Yda. She did seem much closer to Moenbryda than the others, except for Urianger, of course. She's been taking her death pretty hard.

She finds Yda in the lounge, who perks up immediately when Satznswys walks up. She's unable to keep the front up for long, however.

So, she decided to get Moenbryda a special flower: a moon daisy. She put in an order with Rowena, and it's ready. However, Yda finds Rowena...difficult, and hard to deal with at the best of times, so she absolutely doesn't have the spoons to deal with her right now. So she asks Satznswys to go to Rowena in her stead, and then to meet her at Rathefrost, where the Scions paid their final respects to Moenbryda.

I see why Yda is not ready for Rowena's shit. She thinks that they'll have Satznswys mucking out chocobo stables next.

Heh, yeah, actually. I wonder if Yda ever takes that turban and mask off...

Oh, whoops. Sorry, Yda.

The two of them stand in silence, alone.

...did I say alone? Because Midgardsormr is always with Satznswys.

A loud roar in the distance.

And a flight of wyverns!

Alphinaud recalls Satznswys and Yda to the Rising Stones.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

At least, Yda is cheered somewhat by the act of kindness. Papalymo is grateful for Satznswys doing what she can.

Yep, that's to be expected.

Lucia says that the dragons have begun their attack in earnest. The first wave just passed into the central highlands of Coerthas not long ago, and the battle was joined at the Gates of Judgment, the entry to the Steps of Faith, the great bridges leading from the lands of Coerthas into the city of Ishgard. Aymeric pressed the counteroffensive with his Temple Knights and the noble houses' finest warriors. Though the battle was won, casualties were high. Ishgard cannot withstand a second wave.

It wounds Ishgard's pride, but what's pride if it's pride in a pile of ash? Aymeric wishes to meet with the Scions to discuss their aid. Alphinaud agrees and makes ready to head to Coerthas. Though, now, he is in a similar position to what Ishgard was before: the Crystal Braves are engaged in dealing with the unrest in Ul'dah, and that has to take precedence to aiding Ishgard.

Ishgard's fate hangs in the balance, and they need to have all the cards on the table, so to speak. Minfilia agrees to send envoys to the heads of state of the Eorzean alliance.

Finally, Lucia has a request for Satznswys, from Ser Aymeric: to meet with him, regardless of how this appeal to the Alliance shakes out. Satznswys faced Midgardsormr, and lived. Anything she knows could be of use to him. She agrees. And so, Alphinaud and Satznswys make for Camp Dragonhead.

Meanwhile, on the Steps of Faith, leading to the Holy See...

Lady Iceheart echos the words she herself said to Satznswys at their last encounter, and those of Midgardsormr as well.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

And the Dravanians move on Ishgard once the ward falls.

At Camp Dragonhead, Alphinaud and Satznswys have arrived before their host, so he decides to do a little snooping around.

Sure seems that way.

Alphinaud apologizes. Lucia explains what happened: Iceheart was able to dispel the first of the wards around the Holy See. The rest can wait until they meet with Ser Aymeric.

Nice to see you too, Haurchefant. He says that Aymeric is waiting to see them in the intercessory.

Alphinaud offers to postpone their meeting while this situation is going on.

Aymeric wants to introduce the two of them to a close friend of his.



The Goofiest Hrothgar

...we've met.

Estinien says that his purpose here is not to continue the battle that he began way back when, and he sees Satznswys as his equal. This little bit of dialogue is an example of the minor changes that can occur throughout the story, depending on what jobs you've leveled and completed the stories of. Suffice to say, Estinien will become a major player in Heavensward, so this scene is a way to introduce him to the players who may not have leveled Dragoon to 50. At the very least, if Nidhogg's influence is still there, it's either being suppressed by Estinien, or Nidhogg is just really good at faking it.

This is also why Estinien is here.

Alphinaud reviews the history that players of the Dragoon story will likely already know: Haldrath, the first Azure Dragoon, defeated Nidhogg and took his eye. However, Nidhogg is long lived, and has gone through several cycles of wakeful terror and hibernation.

Should Nidhogg's eye be returned to him, his full strength would return, and the wards and walls that Ishgard has built may as well be paper before the great wyrm.

Thanks, Midgardsormr.

So, has Estinien relinquished the eye back to the Holy See's care.

It's too much to be a coincidence, honestly. More likely they are in league. Though Aymeric is unwilling to make the full leap to that conclusion, as they can't be certain what the heretics want with the Eye.

Here, Aymeric asks for aid.

Alphinaud raises the harsh truth of the matter. When the Eorzean Alliance called for aid from Ishgard during Operation Archon, they refused. Why now should they turn the other cheek and aid Ishgard, after having been so thoroughly snubbed?