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May you ever walk in the Light of the Crystal! Let's Play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Yeah, probably not a good look.

Satznswys picks up Wilred, the young Ala Mhigan who was duped by Lahabrea into trying to summon Rhalgr.

And this fellow seems to have it that the Syndicate's already gotten their fingers into this pie. A likely story...

Checking back in with Alphinaud, he's a little bummed that the recruiting was so slim here. Nevertheless, the sultana approved.

Alphinaud's a rich kid, but even his own family's coffers couldn't handle forming an entire new grand company.

One step at a time, he says. Yep, that's generally how these things go. And with that, the two return to Revenant's Toll.

Raubahn thinks that Alphinaud could pave the way for a united Eorzea. He shares Alphinaud's impatience, given how the nations have retreated to their own matters, instead of helping each other.

Nanamo is skeptical, though. Sure, Alphinaud's organization could be one of the greatest military bodies in Eorzea. However, even under the Scions' watchful gaze, the company could in some way be misused.

Raubahn does confirm that none of the financial backing came from Lolorito or any of his cronies. And the Warrior of Light is there too. For her to betray Eorzea at this juncture is unthinkable.

Nanamo is also concerned about Teledji Adeledji.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

She's incensed at this.

Even heads of state need a shoulder to cry on.

No rest for the weary, though, Alphinaud. If you're gonna be leading this new trial company, you've gotta be the one to spearhead things.

Checking in next with Slafborn...

Uh oh.

The heretics of Ishgard, those who have thrown their lot in with the Dravanian horde. He asks where the provisions were coming from.

Slafborn, having heard the story of Satznswys getting on well with the knights of House Fortemps during her search for the Enterprise, asks her to head to Camp Dragonhead and lend whatever aid she can.

Word has just arrived at Camp Dragonhead for Lord Haurchefant from Slafborn as well, so good timing, that.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Haurchefant gets a voice actor now! He is glad that Satznswys has been instrumental in getting Alphinaud's new company off the ground. He also reminds Satznswys that House Fortemps never forgets the efforts of her allies, or her debts. That's why he arranged for supplies to be delivered to Revenant's Toll.

Iceheart, huh?

The villains have not been so brazen as to attack near to Camp Dragonhead, but a few have been sighted to the west. He suggests that Satznswys talk to her friends in Whitebrim Front to know more.

Checking in with her old friend Lord Drillemont, he does confirm the presence of heretics in the area, but they haven't been able to track any of them down with any reliability. But it's not just their organization that's changed.

Got it, off to Snowcloak!




The Goofiest Hrothgar

The knights are of a mind to report back to Lord Drillemont.

He says that it's wise to just write the supplies off, and to chase them would likely blunder into the heretic's lair.

Haurchefant's actor does a wonderful job of carrying a friendly warmth to the character. Satznswys brings him up to speed. Of all Coerthas, Snowcloak suffered the harshest of the climate's change in the wake of the Calamity. He thinks that more robust reconnaissance is called for.

This cutscene shows the direction the developers want to take things, with thought given to more than multiple people standing stock still, talking to one another. In this scene, Haurchefant walks from behind his desk, arms behind his back, looking around with light amusement, then back behind his desk.

That was sort of the goal of this venture, sure.

Hope we get to meet them. He says that though Iceheart's identity remains a mystery, Satznswys has given them a place to start looking, and sometimes it takes but a single stone to cause an avalanche.

Back with Slafborn, he's happy Haurchefant is replacing the shipment.

So things are almost ready for the ceremony, but Tataru is flustered.

She wants Satznswys to hand out uniforms to the new recruits.

Among the recruits is their leader, Ilberd.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

And back with Alphinaud.


A rousing speech for the Crystal Braves' inaugural party!

Minfilia teases Alphinaud, who says he's not the "leading the troops in to battle" type.

Later, in Minfilia's solar...

She gets a call on the linkpearl. Sounds like dire news of the island of Val and the Students of Baldesion.

Good news for Minfilia, though!

Though, from this context, it sounds like this Krile is hospitalized.

Happy to hear, Minfilia. Now for the reports from the survey party. The aetheric disturbance that heralded the disappearance of the island was alarmingly close to Ultima. Minfilia suspects the Ascians having a hand in it.


The Goofiest Hrothgar

Y'know...now that you mention it, no.


Haurchefant is out surveying the land for signs of the heretics and their leader, Lady Iceheart.

Also, meanwhile, in the Holy See of Ishgard...

The current king of Ishgard, Archbishop Thordan VIIth.

With some familiar, unseen companions. WHAM TEASER!

And with that, the main scenario is concluded for today! Next time, Alisaie has found the final coil of Bahamut, and she and her brother will finally know the truth of what happened on that day, five years ago!


Dreaming of better days
(She/her, they/them)
Just wanted to chime in and say that I'm still enjoying the thread! I know I don't always post after your updates, and speaking from personal experience a lack of replies can be a little disheartening. But I'm here for the long haul!

....And I've decided I'm going to play this game at some point, eventually! Once I'm a little less busy with life stuff. And it's all your fault! =p


The Goofiest Hrothgar
As I stated earlier, I want to record commentary for the final coil with people, just have to get them together to do it.