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Mass Effect General Thread: This is My Favorite Thread on Talking Time

Started playing Mass Effect again and decided to play on Insanity because playing it on two more would get all the achievements. Fucking stupid. It wasn't hard up until this point, was often annoying, but I don't think I can actually finish the game because there is a gamebreaking bug involving offensive biotics (I was hoping it was even just the physics stuff but maybe it's warp?) in the final fight. It's so fucking long and my team is incredibly weak if I can't use powers. The game has crashed like half 7 or 8 times and I finally got the final boss close to dead without crashing but then my team just got overwhelmed by mobs and I died. This is like embarrassingly bad for my mental health. I just want to go to finish this and go to bed.

E: okay, I did it. All I needed to do was post. And I derived no sense of satisfaction or achievement, just as I knew I wouldn’t! Ending credits song is real nice, though.
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Well, in an embarrassingly short amount of time later I'm finished with Mass Effect 3 now. Finally got all the cheevos - I normally play Vanguard but I must have truly never shot weapons in earlier playthroughs because I got the pyromaniac achievement in the first twenty minutes with one point in fire ammo. Vanguard still so fun. It's spiritually healing for your squadmates to freeze some top heavy creature with Cryo Ammo so you can charge in and make them explode as they're tipping over.

The economy/equipment system in this game is the one thing I don't like. (well, Citadel has these frustrating minigames but that's a me problem) I don't know why they don't give you enough money to just buy everything, nor let you fully upgrade weapons until NG+. (just spent 45 minutes on Narrative difficulty smashing the Square button to get that achievement after the playthrough) I don't understand why you would play this game all the way through starting at level 60. As a Vanguard player it was never relevant but the system really discourages playing with different weapons and apparently (obviously) you just need to buy the most expensive assault rifle for your squadmates to play optimally anyway.

I have a sickness within me and I am installing ME Andromeda on my PS5 rn... I nearly payed MSRP for the digital copy in 2024... indefensible. I know I won't finish this but whatever.


Have fun jetting around!

It's not incredible, but it's not terrible either. It's just a pretty good game with fun dash jets.
I think I've hit my limit again in this playthrough, same as the last time I tried on the PS5. (ice world, trying to do too much) I just do not like this game very much, which is fine. I did think it was funny and perverse that I was getting close enough to some cool alien megafauna to scan it - it wasn't attacking me at all - and my teammates aggro'd and murdered it. Going to new planets to senselessly murder large keystone predators. What are we doing here? I mean I guess Shepard and co were always doing doing that to thresher maws, too.


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Thresher maws are an interstellar invasive species whose spores are carried on spaceships, so you should kill them wherever you find them.