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Let's Play X-Men Genesis


A recurring theme of Strong Female Protagonist is that humanity has a whole bunch of issues that can't be solved by finding the right guy and punching him a lot. Even if somebody ground Elon Musk/Jeff Bezos/Mitch McConnell/whoever into a fine red paste the societal structure that allowed him to seize power in the first place still exists, and there's no punching social structure. I won't argue it wouldn't be super-cathartic, though.

And the fact that so many supers have powersets that are perfect for combat but not actually increasing the standard of living is endlessly frustrating to the ones who want to help solve society's ills not caused by mustache-twirling supervillains. Feral using her healing factor that way is a neat take on the idea, one that the Standard Flying* Brick protagonist can't wrap her head around for a while.

Since it's a webcomic you bet your sweet ass the last chapter never got finished, it's been on hiatus since 2018.

* - can't actually fly, but can jump hella high**
** - whoops wrong comic
There are a lot of webcomics that I'm really sad fizzled out, but SFP is high on my list of the ones I've been most bummed about.
episode 6: Wolverine/Nightcrawler Playthrough, stages 5, 6, Magneto & Finale

Expect musings on character variety in platformers, and wishing there was a true Smash Brothers-style single player game.

~ ~ ~

That's it! Thanks for watching Let's Play X-Men

This was great, thank you for doing it! Mainly I'm surprised at how short the game is. Totally could have beaten it as a kid but never did!


Round and round I go
Staff member
I do not think I could have beaten this as a kid. I was not nearly patient enough.

Also, the boss invulnerability is kinda crazy!
Ha, I had way more patience with tough games as a kid. Probably due to there being fewer options of games to play due to money, it was "well, this is the game I have so if I'm in the mood to play a game this is it". But I definitely had less time to play games too, so maybe I'm being unrealistic.
I never had that many chances to really sit down with this one as a kid, I just had the fond memories of playing with friends. I think that's why I was motivated to complete it now.


Ah, the LP curse. "Not really sure how to proceed here" as Nightcrawler struggles to jump high enough to hit a guy without getting shot first.

when he's Nightcrawler, he has options that the other three PCs can't possibly match

Just stand safely on the platform below the guy and teleport straight up