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Joysticks, D-Pads, Fightpads, Rollin'-Rockers, Power-Pads, and Maybe Even Lightguns! - The Controller Thread


Slam Master
(he, etc.)
Hey, folks. I just got one of those fancy 8BitDo Neo-Geo CD pads for my PC/Switch, and I realized we don't have a thread for talking specifically about controllers. I've replaced a shocking amount of my OEM controllers for old systems with ones by either 8BitDo, RetroFighters, HyperKin, or even RetroBit. Honestly, my favorite non-analog controller at this point is probably the 8BitDo M30. It's like the perfect execution of the Saturn Controller, which I 100% believe is the best OEM controller ever made for 2D gaming/games that don't require analog input. Seriously considering grabbing the wired version for my PC, but I've been using a Series S/X controller on it that a viewer sent me (he has one of the super-fancy XBox controllers since the Xbone, so his included Series X controller was just collecting dust), and I think it's... probably the best overall controller in history? The days of the 360's terrible d-pad are well and truly behind Microsoft, this thing is *fantastic*.

What are ya'll's favorite controllers?


Sudden chomper
I agree that the Xbox Series controller is incredible, and for most uses it's somewhere between really good and excellent. I much prefer it to the DualSense for 3D games, as I'm someone who finds all the fancy haptics of the DS to be more distracting than fun. For strictly 2D stuff, though, I prefer the Switch Pro controller or the DualSense, because they have lower-profile buttons. The Xbox controller face buttons aren't great for mashy stuff like retro games.

I have a number of 8bitDo controllers and I generally like them well enough, although they still don't top first-party stuff IMO. Their 2.4GHz SNES-style controller is great, but after a few years of use I find the dpad isn't super accurate any more. The M30 is pretty good, but also seems to give me phantom dpad inputs here and there. For the price, I think they're still a great value, but I usually find first-part stuff to be more enjoyable to use.

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The Hori Split Pad Compact is the replacement joycon I never knew I needed. For portable Switching it feels so much better in every way (plus the turbo function is sweet)


hardcore retro gamin'
Agree on the Series X controller - it's really, really good. The d-pad is pretty clicky, but that's also what makes it actually respond well, and I've always been partial to how Microsoft handles their analog inputs. I use it both on my MiSTer and on the Switch - turns out you can play a mean round of Mario Kart with it as well!

If we're talking handheld systems, I think the Vita might actually have my favorite d-pad ever. Easy to press, but still maintains accuracy. I wish more of these mini handhelds would take a cue from that (and Retroid has, but I'd kill for that d-pad on the Analogue Pocket).