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why not just attach a controller to an android phone?

  1. ShakeWell

    Joysticks, D-Pads, Fightpads, Rollin'-Rockers, Power-Pads, and Maybe Even Lightguns! - The Controller Thread

    Hey, folks. I just got one of those fancy 8BitDo Neo-Geo CD pads for my PC/Switch, and I realized we don't have a thread for talking specifically about controllers. I've replaced a shocking amount of my OEM controllers for old systems with ones by either 8BitDo, RetroFighters, HyperKin, or even...
  2. Becksworth

    Retrogaming Hardware

    Pi builds, FPGAs devices, clone consoles/flash carts, those open Dingux handhelds that exploded in the past year or so, and Android handhelds/microconsoles are all good examples of what I’m talking about. The primary purpose of many of these is retro gaming and emulation, so being able to...