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Johnny Unusual Ate This - A near-weekly series of terrible mistakes

Johnny Unusual

Amish Country Popcorn Dust

Finally, a dust to turn my popcorn into something that tastes like popcorn. (BTW, I've been cutting potatoes thin and air frying them to make taters and these Amish Country popcorn seasonings have been really good on them).
This stuff was a nice mix of savoury-accommodating flavours (garlic, fennel, black pepper) Works well in popcorn and on air fried 'tatos.
Pringles Tangy Tomato Twist

Are you too afraid to call it "salsa", Pringles?
This wasn't particularly strong. Mostly I tasted the tomato but it wasn't that exciting.
Cottage Country Sugar Free Fruit Gems

Just call them fruit gummis. That's fine.
Decent gummis.
Mystery Flavour Cotton Candy

I hope it's locked room.
It tastes like Cotton Candy. The mystery aspect didn't excite me.
Chocolate Orange Cotton Candy

Chocolate Orange is a good combo. This time it doesn't seem like it's "here's a layer of orange and a layer of chocolate" like the Unicorn one.
This, however, was a nice flavour. It worked in cotton candy form.
Warheads Sour Blue Raspberry Soda

Tired as I am of blue raspberry, this was a solid drink. Not THAT sour but more than I expected.
Super Roller Gween Apple

Last one.
Blah. These are bad.
Herbert's Best Gummi Eyes

This is interesting. These were really interesting: very spongy yet not too fragile and yummy red goo inside. It feels like someone was having a great time designing these, making them the most "fun" candy possible. That said, pretty expensive for 4 individually packaged gummis.
Kinder Schoko-Bons Crispy

The Candy Depot got a lot of Kinder stuff recently.
I keep forgetting how good kinder is. This is very good. I feel like the design keeps making me think "these are for little kids" but the actual quality of chocolate is high.

Johnny Unusual



Cheetos Crunchy... Jalapeno?

This looks intereting. When I was in Asia most Cheetos didn't have cheese flavour. This appears to be a Japanese one with cheese flavour. Cool.

Strawberry Fruitfuls

Ready to feel like I'm in a waiting room in the 90s.

Wacky Shark

Creamsicle Cotton Candy

First of two summer flavours...

Pina Colada Cotton Candy

Here's the other.

Double Egg Gummis

It's weird how many egg variants there are.

Warheads Sour Green Apple

I've been fairly happy with these. Not crazy good, but satisfying.

Kinder Bueno


Roo's Strawberry

It's making a big deal out of being Real Australian licorice and I am actually intrigued.
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..and his little cat, too
Cheetos Crunchy... Jalapeno?

This looks intereting. When I was in Asia most Cheetos didn't have cheese flavour. This appears to be a Japanese one with cheese flavour. Cool.

...are these not basically what we have here?


I wound up trying these not too long ago, after something or other happened at Firehouse Subs. I was upset, as I'm not a big Jalapeno person, but tried them anyway.

Now I'm upset they haven't had them on any of my subsequent orders, and while I see them at grocery, they're never on sale.