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????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
I dunno what it is but Japan loves Capybaras and I don’t fully get it. I mean, they’re super cute and stuff but why them specifically over like the rest of the animal kingdom? Is it because they feel they’re kindred spirits that love hot baths? I don’t know and it’s eating me up inside.
"In Japan, following the lead of Izu Shaboten Park in 1982, multiple establishments or zoos in Japan that raise capybaras have adopted the practice of having them relax in onsen during the winter. They are seen as an attraction by Japanese people. Capybaras became big in Japan due to the popular cartoon character Kapibara-san" (a character created by Banpresto)


..and his little cat, too
Oh, this might explain why it wasn't on the grocer website when I was filling out an order earlier. Guess I'm in!

Thanks for sharing that.

Edit: Oh, crap, I thought from before it was just a Canadian thing. That's US-only. Dammit. =(