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Could be a fren

“Nothing beats autumn in New England,” said His Excellency, the Duke of Fall


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
Yes but it's already been Fall for a while - according to the Torzelbaum calendar.
Normally my favorite season! Not so much when everything is still fire.
Same. It's (normally) the perfect time of year. When everything is dying and thus not producing pollen that makes my life a living hell, but it's still warm enough that I don't have to dress up like I'm on an artic expedition to go do things outside and can actually appreciate nature for a few months out of the year.


dirtbag lesbian
I've been wearin' my lesbian plaid and already had two pumpkin spice iced capps and a pumpkin spice muffin.


You'll never take my hat away
I’m drinking pumpkin spiced coffee right now!

Want to know a secret? I drank some last week when it was still summer. The government can’t stop you!


say "fish don't exist" to my face, motherfucker
I woke up with a deep-seated need to listen to mungo jerry's in the summertime today, thought you'd all enjoy knowing that


Find Your Reason
I'm gonna have to ask what KD is. I see a logo that apes Starbucks but has a steaming bowl, so... soup?


Find Your Reason

Do people regularly eat it out of a cup

Or is it a Kraft Smoothie D:

A pumpkin spice-flavored Mac & Cheese smoothie DDDD:


Summon for hire
I'm guessing putting it in a coffee cup is just part of the marketing gag.

And honestly... I'd try regular old Mac'n'cheese with pumpkin spice in.
We make pumpkin or squash mac and cheese a lot in the fall, it's fantastic. I can see a fast food version tasting weird but homemade is great. We bring it as a meal train food for new parents a lot too as it reheats easily and is calorie dense which is good for nursing moms.
I dunno what it is but Japan loves Capybaras and I don’t fully get it. I mean, they’re super cute and stuff but why them specifically over like the rest of the animal kingdom? Is it because they feel they’re kindred spirits that love hot baths? I don’t know and it’s eating me up inside.


Rated Ages 6+
(He, Him)
My question is why they're obsessing over the skin more than the actual meat of the pumpkin.


Summon for hire
Love the bit at the end where one finally gets its head inside to the guts and it looks like it's being chomped by Pac Man.