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I made a thing

Continuing through my beerfest box and tried this peanut butter French toast one. Unsurprisingly it was way to sweet for me but I immediately thought it would be good in a cake, something like a chocolate stout cake but uh, not.

I used this recipe as a base. I used this beer instead of a stout, added 1tbs of peanut butter instead of the cocoa powder, skipped the chocolate chips and didn't do any frosting. I also used greek yogurt instead of sour cream but I've been doing that for years so it's not unique to this recipe.

It's pretty good! Definitely too dense/moist, removing the cocoa powder without adding another dry ingredient in its place was dumb. I probably should have skipped the sour cream/yogurt too since I was adding peanut butter. But I'm pretty pleased with myself for riffing off another recipe on the fly and just for making something on a Friday evening after a full week of work. Satisfied!


dirtbag lesbian
I made French onion soup last night and it was terrific; my arm's still tired from stirring those onions until they caramelized.

but fuck that noise, leftover baguette means tiny adorable french toast for breakfaaaaaaaast

Best french toast I've ever made; never going back to making non-tiny toasts.


Summon for hire
Made roasted fingerling potatoes over a campfire this weekend! They came out delicious! Also veggie burgers, scrambled eggs, toast, and of course s'mores. Managed not to burn anything horribly!


Summon for hire
Over Easter weekend we made cheesecake and it came out delicious despite having to do some substitutions (the recipe we were using called for malt powder which we couldn't find so we subbed a mix of Ovaltine and powdered milk). We also fine-diced chocolate into it. Yum.

We also made Easter-dyed deviled eggs, which came out gorgeous.



Summon for hire
So if people are interested in trying it - this is probably obvious, but the dye doesn't go through shells or anything. The process for these is hard boil them, shell them, cut them in half and scoop out the yolks (like you would for any deviled egg recipe) then dye the whites. What we did is buy some ultra-concentrated icing color dye (the brand was Wilton) and then put just like a drop into a cup of water for each color, and soak the egg halves in the water for like 15 minutes each.