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I had to do my third two-step verification on my phone today


What the title says. Normally, it's once per month, I think. But today, it's already the third time I'm asked to do the two-step verification. It isn't asking me to on my PC. Doing the verification works perfectly fine. I also have not experienced any other weirdness. Are there others who have the same problem?

It's not a big deal, but still a bit annoying. So if I have to deal with it for some time, it's ok. But would be nice if someone could look into that.


Nope, didn't change anything, and there was no update (at least non that I am aware of). I don't think there is anything different on my end (might be wrong, of course, bit can't think of anything).

Browser is DuckDuckGo Orivacy Browser, which might explain it? But this is the first day it happened, and I think I used that browser from the start, since December last year.

The phone is an android (version 10, according to my phone info). ZTE V2020 Smart.


No idea if anyone did anything (if so, then thanks), but it stopped happening after that third time. Weird.