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I brew, you brew, hopefully we don't spew: The Beer Thread

Paul le Fou

It's just from Costco, but I did get a German craft beer advent calendar. It had never occurred to me to look for these before, and I hadn't heard of them until now, but I feel like this will probably have to become a tradition...


Summon for hire
This year I won't even have to miss days due to holiday travel!
But yeah, this one shop's been doing it for two or three years now and it's a fabulous idea. Especially since my beer tastes are broad enough now that there's rarely more than a couple things out of the 24 that I really have no interest in drinking.


...we're shy.
This is breaking my heart.

In other news anyone want to ship a box that's totally not a beer advent calendar to Utah?


...we're shy.
Lunch beers all week because IDGAF. Got a good stash from Colorado and have been really enjoying Avery's Imperial Marzen (The Kaiser). Also got 2 big bottles of Chimay Blue to save for special occasions.