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How to easily resize images


What's Shenmue?
In the last few months, I've been seeing more posts that have huge, screen-spanning images. One or two isn't that bad, but they add up, and can quickly make a page obnoxiously long to scroll through. So I thought it was worth pointing out that XenForo actually has a built-in feature to resize images.


After inserting an image, click on it to bring up the bounding box and the image menu. Then, click on the ✣ icon to enter a width or height (you don't need both; it will automatically scale to keep the image proportions, so one is sufficient). Or, you can click on one of the blue squares in the corner and drag them to manually resize the image. Alternatively, for those who prefer to just type the BBcode manually, add width="000px" or height="000px" into the [IMG] tag for the effect. No matter the method you choose, there's not much to it!

If you're concerned this will make your image indistinct at a smaller size, don't worry: images in a post can be viewed in full by clicking on them. Also, all the images in a single post become part of a gallery, allowing them to be easily flicked between in the preview mode. You can see what I mean by checking these images:


Also, the gallery mode is only enabled for a post if the images have been resized (and only includes images that have been resized). So that's another benefit!
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Oh yeah, I was thrilled when I discovered this early on after we moved over. Made uploading/organizing Festivus photos so much easier than on the old forum!


The Goggles Do Nothing
I just want to note that I was literally coming to the rarely visited (by me) Talking about TT forum here to ask how to do this, and imagine my amazement when I saw this thread. Hooray and thank you!


Oh! Create!
(they/them, she/her)
I have always been under the impression that the screen-filling giant images seen on any forum that uses XenForo are less about poster preference for such girth, and more the cause of not knowing of the alternatives. On TT 2.0 the dearly departed [thumb] tag saw extremely heavy use by me because it finally allowed me to insert visuality into posts in a way that didn't feel overtly invasive to others's browsing (and I probably still went overboard with it). When we made the jump here I instantly keyed into this method of retaining that etiquette, so I'm glad the PSA is being put out there.