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How do I cook this thing?!

Trying to cook new foods is exciting and fun, but can also be confusing. Here's the thread to ask for recipes, preparation tips, etc.

We just got our first CSA box since last October, and it included two bunches of turnips. I've eaten them as sides but don't really know what to do with them*. Any recipe recommendations? Also is there anything tasty to do with the greens, because holy crap there are a lot of greens.

*Other than making Animal Crossing Stalk Market jokes. Got that one covered.


I usually use turnips in soups and stews. It's a little too hot for that right now though. Might try putting them in a salad of some sort? Cut them thin, something like a Waldorf, maybe? You could also pickle them?


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Oh, this would be a good place to ask... What can you do with cactus fruit? Ours has produced one already, and there are a few more on the way. I mostly see recipes for jelly, but surely there's gotta be other stuff.


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Just keep scouring the internet for recipes. I'm sure something will turnip sooner or later.

Real answer: Roasting them with other root vegetables like beets and rutabagas is good.
Real answer: Roasting them with other root vegetables like beets and rutabagas is good.
Yeah, we do some really good roasted parsnips and carrots but I didn't want to use the oven as it's ~90 degrees this week.

I realized I have Mark Bittman's "How to Grill Everything" book from the library right now, and his grilled beets and greens recipe specifically said turnips could be substituted!

The grilled turnips themselves were good! The greens were okay on their own but paired extremely well with the fried chicken we were having as the main course. I was happy with it although I will trim the stems more next time.

I'll be trying a scaled down version of the pickling with the second bunch, thanks!


Does anyone have a good recipe for sticky tofu? I can make the sauce taste good enough, but it ends up being too wet (doesn't stick to the tofu bits) or too dry


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You can let the tofu drain a while, or cook it alone until it's where you want it. For your sauce, I recommend a teaspoon of cornstarch. Mix it with a tiny bit of cold water first, then add you your sauce.


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Because they're in season (and my beloved pitayas aren't anymore), I bought like three pounds of persimmons. Some to eat, but mostly to cook! I found these yesterday, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions/ideas about what to do with Percy's cousins.
When we were in Korea on a cold rainy night we were given some Sujeonggwa, which is a hot persimmon punch/tea. It was amazeballs.

From some quick Googling it looks like they might need to be dried to make it, but if you can do that I would absolutely try it.