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Hilda is back! On Netflix!


The second season has been released this week. I'm watching the second episode right now, it's still really nice, and looks as great as during the first season. I just love the weird, mythological-like creatures that appear on this show. The flying cat-ball thingies are probably my favourite, but I already love cats, so no surprise there.

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
Has this show been renewed for a season 3? Because if not, I have some problems with that ending.

I finished the season this afternoon. This season seemed to keep going bigger than before, but it mostly felt earned, if a little less just simply charming than the first season. I may have missed an answer that is already in the show, but I am curious about what this show is building with the Trolls.


A Bard Named SPOONY
Just finished the season myself.

No third season has been announced (neither has a cancellation, thankfully) but I dunno how soon we can expect it since Season 2 covers everything up to the end of the second last book, and the last book might not be enough to sustain an entire season.

I have no idea if any more books are forthcoming, though looking at the publication history there's usually a couple years between them and the most recent book came out last year so it might be a bit.

Exposition Owl

Doctor Hoo
So, Bella Ramsey, the actor who voices Hilda, composed and performed this song herself, in character as Hilda. And I cannot cope. MY HEART.



A Bard Named SPOONY
That's awesome. It was even used during the ending credits of one episode in season 2 but I had no idea it was all the work of Hilda's voice actress, that just makes it even more awesome.

Still no official word on more Hilda I can see, but I did read some posts in the fan community that speculate there's a movie coming, which would presumably cover the events of the sixth book, but the only thing backing it up is something from the production studio's website back when season 2 had begun production that also mentioned a Hilda movie to follow it. So it makes sense, but I guess we'll see?


I fell off the show a bit, for whatever reason. Just remembered to return to it, and binged the last two thirds of the season, or so. Oh my god, I love this show so much. Like:

This song is so heartwarming and sweet, perfectly encapsulating what I enjoy about this show. No one is horrible, Hilda and her mom hav a great relationship (most of the time). The world is magical in the best possible ways, and everything feels so cozy and warm.

My only gripe is that jerk who has such a hate against trolls. Forgot his name. He feels too much like an antagonist for a show that doesn't need one.

But everything else? Pure joy and fun. This feels like the how the world would be, if it was the way a child might imagine it, and everything is nice. Something like that. The atmosphere, music and artstyle, reminds me so much of Steven Universe, which is basically the best thing I can say about a cartoon. It warms my heart and makes me feel home and welcome, in this trying times. I'm so happy to have this short, little jewel of a show.

That said, yes, I need some resolution. I also can't imagine not to get any, I mean, really. Maybe they will just make a movie, instead of a whole season?

I could continue on, but I would only repeat myself. It's a wonderful show, and I'm glad to have watched it.


A most radical pontiff
My daughter has watched the episode where the vikings keep decapitating each other twice now. Still history’s greatest dad over here.