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Fantasy Game Thunderdome - Sword and Score-cery


Silver Palace

Johnny Unusual

Posting early today because... well, I'm really tired. If you didn't get your vote in, I'll give you a few extra hours and retroactively change the results if needed but neither of the matches aren't exactly tight.
The Palace is covered in Silver

Match 21
I watch the Aurora's theme from Child of Light while Vixen says "Stand by Me" from Final Fantasy XV

Match 22
Then Purple returns to the Motavian Field from Phantasy Star IV while Torzelbaum leaps Frog's Theme from Chrono Trigger.



Johnny Unusual

Close one. Chrono Trigger moves on by the first match remains tied. If you didn't vote in that round, you have until the end of the day for this!

Match 23
It's a cover battle. Torzelbaum gives us The Birth of the People from ActRaiser while Kirin gives us The Dark World from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Thanks to Fantasy Orchestra and Mariachi Entertainment System respectively.


Match 24
Kirin also has a cover of You're Not Alone from Final Fantasy IX while Torzelbaum goes with Valse di Fantastica from Final Fantasy XV, yet ANOTHER COVER! Thanks to Project Majestic Mix and Algal the Bard.



Johnny Unusual

The Dark World is the place for the Valse di Fantastica. Also Child of Light wins by Coin Flip.

Round 3 (Quarter Finals)
Match 25
Kirin feels an itch in Time's Scar (Chrono Trigger) while Purple Towers over the competition (Phantasy Star).

Match 26
Torzelbaum visits the Palace (theme) (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link) while False Logic uses the power cosmic to access the Title Screen (Silver Surfer)