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DuckTales! Life, hurricane, woo-oo, etc.


A Bard Named SPOONY
I stopped watching the reboot close to the end of the first season largely due to being unable to find reliable places to view it online. But now that I sold my soul to the House of Mouse for Disney+ I can catch up on the first two seasons, and I can barely notice the creeping sense of dread accompanying the ever-growing media conglomerate owning more and more of popular culture. Hooray!

Anyway, I'm nearly done with Season 2, just the finale two-parter to go, and I'm sure it doesn't need to be said but this show is great. The reboot has worked shockingly well overall, and I love the way they sneak in elements of the old Disney Afternoon series (most unexpected: Gummy Bears). I've heard the first half of season 3 has even more, and when the show returns the fall there'll be a rather massive Darkwing Duck episode? I'll have to wait for Disney+ to get Season 3, probably after said season ends, but nevertheless, I'm looking forward to it.

One thread that seemed to be dropped in Season 2 I'm still not sure about: Back in the Duke Baloney episode we see that Flintheart swiped a money clip from Scrooge when he was a child, leading them to placing their season-long bet. Said bet seems to be resolved, but the money clip was never mentioned again, which is kind of odd given Scrooge's rather significant reaction to it. Was this just forgotten, or will it come up later either in the finale or season 3?

Red Silvers

Pokemon Red w/ 1 Nidoran
So, guess this is good timing because I just finished watching my brother's 3 DVDs of the original series. (This isn't the entire series, it's mainly the first season, the 5 parter that introduces Bubba, and the 5 parter that introduces Gizmoduck.) There's a lot of memories watching the old series but thee was a lot I didn't remember!


dirtbag lesbian
I am now officially caught up on Ducktales.

I don't like how egregious and pointless the cameos get, with the Rescue Rangers being the worst example, but I really admire how this show keeps taking stupid joke concepts like Huey and Launchpad's sports commentating and Dewey Dew-Nite and getting more use out of them in really clever, organic ways.

EDIT: oh also what the fuck happened to Penumbra and the entire race of moon people who are on Earth now?
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