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Do you know anything about color e-paper readers?


Let the Mystery Be
....because I don't, really, but I really want a good one. I have a massive collection of PDF comics and rpg sourcebooks, but reading them on a monitor is tiresome. I have a 10" tablet, but that's only somewhat better. (And I have a Kindle, which at 6" and black and white is terrible for comics or sourcebooks intended to be printed on a large page.) What I really want is a 10" or bigger color e-paper reader, but they don't seem to exist. There's a 7.8" Color BOOX that looks somewhat promising, but I'm still not going to buy it on a whim. Does anyone keep tabs on this particular market and have thoughts, suggestions or things to look for?


aggro table, shmaggro table
Color e-ink has been sort of perpetually five years out going back a decade or so, sadly.
Yeah, I would love something like this too. My library shifted to a new app for magazine checkouts that barely works on my computer and I also only have a black and white kindle.


Let the Mystery Be
Follow up question: It's not in color, but doesn't anyone have an opinion on the Remarkable 2? It's not in color, but it seems to be the right form-factor and functionality otherwise.