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..and his little cat, too
I hadn't seen this demo all the way through before, pretty cool!
Yeah, some of that was new to me, too. Usually everything but the Roll/Tron bit is glossed over.

I especially like that little town. Reminds me of a more condensed version of Monroe in my fic, which was originally based on Yosyonke, minus the snow. (Others in the RPG seemed to envision it as something grander, so I tried to reconcile the two versions for the new story.)


Summon for hire
Translate won't tell me what this is about...

Google sez:
Ugh! ? The atmosphere of the anime "Super Movable Girl 1/6" which is currently being aired is similar to "Rockman DASH"! ? That's no wonder... The author of the original manga, ÖYSTER Sensei, is a Rockman 4-panel manga artist!! It's rumored that he had a great influence on Nona's clothing design!! #Super-moveable #Super-moveable girl #Rockman # Rockman DASH

Further googling shows a better name for the manga is "Over Drive Girl 1/6". Main character is a 1/6 scale robot girl who does have some Navi-ish aesthetics going on while also being a pretty horny design.