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Find Your Reason
Moon is too recent a game to have a GameFAQ, so he'll likely be stuck for a while.


Lapsed Threadcromancer
Do you also remember the dumpster fire Kickstarter that was supposed to get him off of it?


Do you mean Red Ash? I don’t think Legends 3 had a Kickstarter, just an “open” development process so we could all watch it either on the vine.

Pajaro Pete

megaman legends 3 would have happened if the promotional material had focused on tron bonne instead of this poochie ass motherfucker


Let's Pock (Art @szk_tencho)
(he / his / him)
He did appear in Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom in 2009...so maybe he's just hanging out with the Gatchaman squad?


I cuss you bad
A little bit of me thinks it's not impossible there could be a sequel. With technology to build games moving on it's getting cheaper to make something that would be of acceptable quality to be a sequel (look at Shenmue). However, since Inafune has left Capcom, who's fight for it?


..and his little cat, too
Daily status report:

Still there. I think he's waving.

I forget what the name of Capcom's proprietary in-house engine was -- MT Framework, I think? -- but I recall it was made with the prospect of doing a new Legends in mind.

So there may be others. It's how we got Mega Man 11 and Street Fighter IV. It just needs a champion to fight for it, because it's clear they won't listen to the fans (and in some instances, will gladly throw us under the bus for the previous project's failure).

I'm still trying to figure out which was Inafune's bigger miscalculation: Mighty No. 9 or thinking Capcom wouldn't shutter a long-awaited fan driven project without him there to protect it.

God, just thinking back to that period makes me feel like I've aged three years in the instant it passed through my mind.


I cuss you bad
I don't think it's not listening to the fans, it's opportunity cost. If you get a good director and a producer on it for a game with a limited fanbase, even if it's cheap - economically speaking they'd be better spent working on something else.


..and his little cat, too
They didn't even release the already-completed demo in the eShop that they promised would be used to gauge interest in whether it was worth proceeding, so...

Daily update:

Still up there.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
There’s a hole in my heart
Big as the sky
For that poor little bot
Left up there to die

we can’t get him back,
Down from the moon,
So we go on TT
And croon, croon croon


..and his little cat, too
Okay, sorry folks, I've fallen behind a bit here. Let me get caught up right quick:

Friday: Spoken for.

Saturday: Still there.

Sunday: Still there.

Monday: Still there.


Wednesday: Whoops, false alarm. Still there.