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Hey all

I'm super pumped for november's Cyberpunk 2077. I don't love W3 as most people do, but I do like it, but the CP theme is super rad. It looks to be more Blomkamp than Ridley Scott, which could be a bit of a bummer, but still STOKED

In Anticipation I am playing various Cyberpunk themed games

1. Deus Ex Human Revolution
2. Deus Ex Mankind Divided
3. Shadowrun SNES
4. FF7 OG Edition

Any other suggestions?

Tiers in Rain

In no particular order (well, i guess it's the order i thought of them in):

1. Technobabylon
2. Tales of the Neon Sea
3. Blade Runner (re-release of the 1997 PC game. I think it's only on GOG right now but a remastered version is coming to other platforms later on)
4. 2064 Read Only Memories
5. Dex
6. VirtuaVerse
7. Transistor
Shadowrun: Dragonfall is excellent. Its well worth anyone's time if they like cyberpunk. I have not played Shadowrun: Hong Kong yet. But its on my list of games to play.


Citizen of Gotham
Beneath A Steel Sky, and maybe its sequel Beyond A Steel Sky (though that might be more of a straight sci-fi Utopia criticism thingy).

Tiers in Rain

Yeah, you can't go wrong with Snatcher.

Also if you're looking for more action-oriented stuff, the three Azure Striker Gunvolt games are very good.

Dr. Nerd

I enjoyed what I played of Neo-Cab, or Cyberpunk Uber Driver. I'm a sucker for "gig worker tries to scrape by in miserable corporate dystopia" settings. Glad that only exists in video games!

Invisible Inc. is also a lot of fun.


Little Waves
Staff member



Slam Master
(he, etc.)
Clearly, plenty of Snatcher love here, so I'll suggest its less-loved Sega CD (and PC?) cousin, also about a man in a trenchcoat solving future mysteries: Rise of the Dragon, starring Cam Clarke as future private dick, Blade Hunter.
It doesn't get as much love as it's SNES counterpart, but I do have a soft spot for Genesis Shadowrun
- Va11 Hall-A Bartending in a cyberpunk bar, your drink mixes become your responses
- X-Com: Apocalypse Megacorps, slums, and shadowy government organizations. Then come interdemensional aliens
- Exapunks Hack banks, duel hackers in a tv station, and code updates to your failing body
- Tacoma Megacorps in space, questionable AI, and disturbing things like Amazon University
- Watch Dogs 2 (More "Cyberpunk is now", and it's understandable if you don't want to give Ubisoft money...)
- System Shock 1 - Citadel Station was already a corporate hell, delimitered Shodan just made it more literal. Plus you get to enjoy some groovy drug side effect!


<internal screaming>
Someone mentioned Dragonfall already, but I have to add Shadowrun: Hong Kong to the list. Just as well done as Dragonfall, while also being radically different in theme and tone.

Tiers in Rain

I left out a couple of point-and-click adventure games that are worthy, they are Gemini Rue and The Red Strings Club.

There are a lot of cyberpunk point-and-clicks for some reason.