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Create a Character!


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
(quoted / reposted for new page: )
That's pretty cool, Becksworth.

He channeled his grief into training messenger pigeons
"A knight came here recently... He was amazing! But his heart was full of chaos... When he can cope with the pain, he'll be the greatest pigeon trainer alive.'

Here's an ideas for Kilik - a male Oracle from Final Fantasy Tactics. But this Oracle can't actually use magic but claims that he can. He casts all of his spells by hitting enemy with his staff.
"I cast Don't Move!" *Cracks enemy's kneecap*
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Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
Raymond from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
That's perfectly fine, actually. I know there's limitations to what can be done with the engine so I was interested in seeing what you could do with the tools available.


Summon for hire
That King of all Cosmos is amazing and I love it.

Cyan is also very cool. I like how the scarf-belt has a pattern that, while not explicitly in any of his character designs, is nevertheless very reminiscent of Amano's style.


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
Another nice custom you made there, MetManMas.
Damn, you're right. Character editors need more 80s hair options.
If they added those would they also have to add giant armored shoulder pads as an option?


(I am a man)
The only custom characters I remember creating are midgets and giants wearing pirate hats in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. That game was pretty good.


Mellotron enthusiast
Recently I've been playing through Dark Souls for the first time. I'm very close to the end - I just have to go beat the final boss - but before that I thought I would post some screenshots of my character, Cadenza the pyromancer:


Pictured in the Pyromancer/Tattered Cloth set (minus the hood so you can see her face), with the default handaxe and the non-default Bloodshield equipped. The handaxe served me well in the early game; I don't really use it anymore, but I like to keep it on me anyway, just in case.


The Gold-hemmed Black set, with a great fireball at the ready. I went all in on pyromancy, and fully upgraded (and then ascended, and fully upgraded again) my Pyromancy Flame; Quelana would be proud.


The Antiquated set, which I don't actually use but is admittedly quite stylish. The Lightning Spear in Cadenza's hand is my preferred weapon for general use.


And just for funsies, swinging around a Chaos Claymore.
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Oh! Create!
(they/them, she/her)
Elden Ring exists now. You can do stuff with it, as the goth hunk (gohunk) character I took through the game found out.





Following those misadventures, another Tarnished wanders into the Lands Between from the badlands.




Let me rock you Chaugnar Faugn
It wasn't intentional, but when I made a dwarf character in Dragon Quest X, and equipped him with some stat-increasing glasses, I made him look like a dorky kid doing medieval cosplay.


Exposition Owl

Owl of the not-so-wild
Elden Ring exists now. You can do stuff with it, as the goth hunk (gohunk) character I took through the game found out.

This character has a definite “Elijah Wood playing the lead role in a biopic of Robert Smith” vibe.


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
So I bought Soul Calibur VI on sale for my Steamdeck, meaning I've been sucked back in to create-a-souls. Since I can't easily transfer over my XBox creations I'm probably starting from scratch outside of some personal favorites, so if anyone has any requests...