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Books for aro/ace teens


I'm looking for book recommendations for a teenage family member who is on the aro/ace spectrum. She's an avid reader, especially of fantasy fiction, but anything involving romance or sexuality really puts her off, and of course this isn't the easiest thing to find out in advance - it's kind of assumed everyone wants to read about smoochin'. A female protagonist would be a nice bonus. She's a fan of The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter (ugh, I know), Warrior Cats, Hunger Games, and Wings of Fire, but there's never enough of those, and she's mature enough to read on an adult level too.


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Travel Light by Naomi Mitchison is a beautiful book about a girl on a journey of self discovery. Has shades of Tolkien and Norse mythology but reads more like a Le Guin. It's subtle and funny and there isn't any romance to be found.


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Terry Pratchett is generally pretty light on the mushy stuff.

The Scholomance books are a better version of Harry Potter with a female protagonist but she does do a little boning in them (it isn’t a big part of it).


Pratchett, at least when it comes to Discworld, does include some sort of romance realatively often it just takes mostly a backseat to other stuff. And it's more prominent in the earlier books.
That said, as someone who also dislikes romance in stories, it is handled in a way I can deal with relatively easily.

It's a good suggestion, I think, despite that.

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An asexual friend of mine posted this list in response to a similar question elsewhere, too: