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Big Mouth



Wow, Season Four is coming out really freaking soon! December 4th.

I love this show. It's Family Guy with a soul. It proves that you can have a show that's both socially conscious and completely effing filthy. It is utterly depraved, and I love it.

What most impresses me about it, still, is that they figured out how to make Quagmire work. Whereas the "joke" with Quagmire is "ha, he's a literal rapist," the joke with the Hormone Monster is "wow, everyone has really effed-up thoughts, all the time, and yet we pretend like everything's normal." It does a great job of exploring the dark parts of ourselves in ways that are both hilarious and very human. Plus it has the most heartwarming talking vagina scene ever put to film.

My favorite character is definitely Jay, because Jason Mantzoukas is like the only guy who can pull off acting like a pervert all the time.


can stop, will stop
I had no idea the next season was coming out so soon! That's a great surprise. This show is so much better than it had a right to be and I am thrilled to be able to watch more in a couple of weeks.


Video games
This show is really really really really really really funny. Sorry for the bad contribution. But it is.