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Bands You Feel Like No One Has Ever Heard of Except You

Tiers in Rain

Gaming Replicant!
I'm going to start this off with Angel Electronics. I swear I'm the only person who has ever heard of this band and they're incredibly fun and weird. It's one of the many projects of Ada Rook of Black Dresses, another band I feel like I'm the only one who has ever heard of.



Summon for hire
Headcanon: this is an alternate past where John Flansburg was much less cynical after hooking up with a manic pixie dream girl who‘s also Aggretsuko.

Anyway that’s pretty fun, thanks for sharing.


can stop, will stop
Oh hey is this the thread where I get to post about Pete and the Pirates? They were a British indie rock band who made two EPs and two albums and then broke up in 2011. I've never even heard their second album, but I was a big fan of their first one Little Death. It was clever and sincere without being cloying, and hooky as hell.

In the early 2000s there was a show called New York Noise on the local public access channel here. They aired music videos from mostly local indie bands (which is where I first saw/heard The National), but they also showed the two videos below, and that's where I found these guys. Unfortunately they only seem to exist online in potato quality, but it's better than nothing. I think the low budget charm still shines through, especially on the first one ("Mr. Understanding").

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