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Ball Don't Lie - Hoops-talk (AKA the BASKETBALL THREAD)

That's great! I've seen/listened to a number of interviews with the two of them together, and they're pretty cute together. I just worry about them doing this because they feel the necessity like a lot of gay couples with Amy Covid Barrett now on the bench.
NBA pre-season began a few days ago. Regular season will kick off on the 22nd. I'm cautiously optimistic about them getting through the season ok without too much covid interruptions?
I am really excited that ESPN is putting the women's tournament in the March Madness app this year. Took 'em long enough.

Also I've entered the pool at work and have no idea what I'm doing oh well.
I've entered the pool at work and have no idea what I'm doing oh well.
It's ok, nobody does. Especially this year when tournament stalwarts like Kentucky and Duke won't even be there. This season is such a shitshow, and we've seen so little college basketball thanks to COVID that even the most informed and plugged in college basketball fans just don't have the sample size to have a good handle on what's going to happen
The men's tournament is bonkers, but as of the moment the women's tournament is 100% chalk... which is also bonkers?

I am excited for the battle of OSU's in five minutes. I swear 40% of my coworkers are from Oregon State so that will be the main topic of conversation at work tomorrow!


The Men's tourney is mostly fun but it's kind of gross that Oral god damned Roberts is the Cinderella team this year.
The Men's tourney is mostly fun but it's kind of gross that Oral god damned Roberts is the Cinderella team this year.
This post made me realize I knew nothing about them and after some quick Wikipedia-ing... yeah. Ugh.

All students are required to sign a pledge stating they will live according to the university's honor code. Prohibited activities include lying, cursing, smoking, drinking, and a range of sexual acts, including homosexual behavior and sex outside marriage. In early 2003, the student dress code was relaxed for the first time in 40 years and described as business casual. For most of the school's history, men were required to wear collared shirts and ties and women were required to wear skirts (an exception for winter months was added in 2000). In 2006, campus-wide dress code rules were eased further, allowing students to wear jeans to class and dress more casually in non-academic settings. Since 2009, men are allowed to have neatly trimmed facial hair. Restrictions on men's hair length were relaxed in 2013.
There are like 20 cinderella stories this year so far, so you can still root against Oral and have tons of fun rooting for underdogs in the tourney.

Also, this might be the first time in forever we've got so much Pac-12 representation in the tourney and I'm lovin' it so much. Oregon St omggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
Weird tournament so far. I am sad that Mizzou lost early, but their season kind of fell apart near the end. At least I got see Kansas get absolutely pantsed, though.

Sucks about Elgin Baylor; he is way before my time, but is name shows up a lot when you are looking at guys who put up tons of counting stats.
Yeah, way before all of our times. He was pretty old, his glory days were in the 60s along with Jerry West. He was the original above-the-rim superstar, prototyping the role before Dr J and then Jordan came along. He's probably the greatest player to have never really won a championship too, his Lakers teams unfortunately ran into the buzzsaw that was the 60s Celtics. He was in the reserves, and one season in the early 60s he missed like half his games on reserve duty, and he still set records that season. Absolutely nuts stuff. He's definitely a top5 basketball guy I'd go check out first if I had a time machine.
The March Hysteria joke is fucking brilliant. I lost it. Also NCAA not being under Title IX is news to me, ick.

In other news I cheered when Oral Roberts missed that last basket.

So what are people's teams? USC and Colorado (which only made it to the men's tournaments sadly) are my alma maters so I root for them first (and Colorado more than USC because USC has been so shitty recently). Then I root for Oregon and Oregon State since they're the big schools where I live. Oregon first since they have a badass microscopy facility.
At least two, potentially 3 Pac12 teams making it to the Elite 8. Very happy about that. My bracket relies on Michigan going the distance, but I'm pretty terrified of Gonzaga this year and am mostly just hoping they choke like they historically always do.

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
I mean, I just graduated from Creighton Law School, so I was rooting for them (despite the coach recently showing his whole ass). They just hit the Gonzaga buzzsaw.
I was scared for that referee at USC-Gonzaga. Collapsing without being hit by a player or anything is somehow more concerning than going down due to an impact. Sounds like he's okay though.

And yeah, UCLA is my rival since I went to USC, but seeing an 11-seed PAC-12 member make it to the final 4 is pretty cool!
Yeah it was spooky, but a few minutes later they showed him being taken off on a stretcher, and he was sitting up looking pretty normal and alert, with his arms crossed and an upset look on his face, so he'll prolly be fine?

Gonzaga completely trucked USC, Gonzaga is legit terrifying I hate it.
KD being a piece of shit is kind of an open secret, and this isn't even a top 5 dumbest/worst things he's said and done. Glad it's getting some exposure and heat because Fuck KD, but I have a hard time personally getting outraged at a known asshole-celebrity continuing to be an asshole-celebrity in DMs to another notorious asshole-celebrity. Mostly I'm just eating popcorn and watching an idiot torch his own reputation because he's a small, stupid, little man.
I keep being surprised that Stanford is up. Their passes have been so sloppy and Arizona just looks like a much more cohesive team in this game.
I wonder if this was just like a Slam Dunk situation, where the winning team of the semis was just too burnt out to go the distance in the championship game. They just didn't even look like the same team.
lol I try to forget, but all my dubs-fans I have as friends won't let me. 😂

He really is something else though. That's probably the thing I hated the most about KD going to GSW, because it had the effect of diminishing him as a really special talent.